Beautiful and Exceptional: BE Resort Mactan

Taking pride in its beachfront accommodations with a youthful vibe, BE Resort Mactan is a hip and stylish boutique resort located in Mactan, Cebu. Out of the many hotel resorts in the area, this sheer heaven does stand out. Want to find out why?
St. Michael the Archangel Church

Rekindle Faith and Heritage: Visita Iglesia in South Cebu

If you are planning to go beyond the usual Visita Iglesia, the churches in the southern part of Cebu is not just an ideal place to rekindle with your faith but also a good venue to bask in their rich history
One Central Hotel

Luxury Within Reach: One Central Hotel

Located in the heart of Cebu City, One Central Hotel is a business hotel that is known for offering affordable luxury accommodations and a panoramic view of the Queen City of the South. Due to its very strategic location, One Central is an ideal place for people in business. One Central Hotel welcomes everyone with a smile and enthusiasm and their signature and distinct brand of Filipino hospitality that radiates from a Filipino home.
Sumilon Island

5 Reasons Why You Should Go Trekking in Sumilon Island

The serene and tranquil island is also the home of Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort, a Filipino-owned resort that is geared to showcase the best of Filipino culture and heritage.
Aeroport Reykjavik

Benefits of Location Voiture Aeroport Reykjavik

If the ideal vacation for you is much more than going to the beach or visiting world-famous tourist destinations, you probably want to visit places that are not so commercialized. If you would rather see beautiful landscapes instead of sand and waves, and aurora borealis instead of nightclub lights, Iceland is the right destination for you.

4 Most Popular Types of Professional Photography

Are you captivated by professional photography? When looking at professional photographs, it’s virtually impossible for a person not to be impressed by the vast spectrum of colors, details, and captured emotions.
Accommodation Hobart

Accommodation in Hobart for Tasmania Fun Seekers

You can expect to enjoy the perfect Australian getaway with a visit to Hobart. And if you are coming any time soon, you surely want to find the right place to rest.
Australian Retreat

Different Types of Australian Retreat Including a Tasmanian Option

Visiting a retreat is a very popular form of activity for people all over the world, and even though the techniques have become more modernized, the idea has been around for many decades; the act of withdrawing ones-self and breaking away from reality
Canadian Rockies

How to Prepare for the Canadian Rockies Train Trip

Canada has several beautiful sceneries, and the Canadian Rockies has become one of the favorite destinations of travelers and tourists. It is home to four national parks and attractive resort towns. Going there by train is one experience that you will not forget easily.
lord lowe island

Exciting Yet Affordable Lord Howe Island Packages

Surprisingly, it is not some far off land in the middle of nowhere, but rather a short flight away from your region is an island that is part of Australia’s natural Greenland’s, and is known as ‘heaven on earth’. This place is Lord Howe Island. Based on the east coast, and the island dubs itself as “just paradise” and rightly so.

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