Canadian Rockies

How to Prepare for the Canadian Rockies Train Trip

Canada has several beautiful sceneries, and the Canadian Rockies has become one of the favorite destinations of travelers and tourists. It is home to four national parks and attractive resort towns. Going there by train is one experience that you will not forget easily.
lord lowe island

Exciting Yet Affordable Lord Howe Island Packages

Surprisingly, it is not some far off land in the middle of nowhere, but rather a short flight away from your region is an island that is part of Australia’s natural Greenland’s, and is known as ‘heaven on earth’. This place is Lord Howe Island. Based on the east coast, and the island dubs itself as “just paradise” and rightly so.
anjo world

ANJO World Turns One

Anjo World, Cebu’s premier amusement parkplans to bring more entertainment-filled activities in the future. It is owned and operated by Belmont One and it is marking is first anniversary since it brought world-class amusement tourism to Cebu.

A Guide to Kayak Outdoor Storage in Winter

Except you have a knack for extreme winter kayaking, the winter season is a time when many kayakers put away their boats until springtime. Winter can reduce the lifespan of your kayak due to the combination of moisture and cold temperature.
Sumilon Island

5 Reasons Why You Should Go Trekking in Sumilon Island

The serene and tranquil island is also the home of Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort, a Filipino-owned resort that is geared to showcase the best of Filipino culture and heritage.
SIlay City

Time Traveling in Negros: The Charms of Silay City

The quaint city of  Silay is situated at the northern part of the Sugar Land, Negros Occidental. It was the center of culture and arts in Negros during its golden days. European architecture is very evident in the carefully preserved houses and mansions in Silay that is why it is often dubbed as the "Paris of Negros".
Halad Inasal

Keeping the Legacy Alive: Talisay City’s Halad-Inasal Festival

Talisay City, one of the most promising cities in the Queen City of the South, takes pride in its very own Halad-Inasal Festival. Celebrated every 15th of October, this annual activity pays homage to their patron saint, Sta. Teresa de Avila.
Masskara Festival

Kari sa Bacolod: The City of Smiles

Bacolod lives up to its name as the City of Smiles. After all, with so many things you can do, how can you not smile?
Masskara Festival

A Weekend of Smiles: MassKara Festival

With Cebu and Bohol already ticked off the list, it is high time for my third Visayan destination which, I think, is long-overdue. What better place to go than the City of Smiles, Bacolod City. My 2018 is already filled with a roster of firsts, and this trip is a great addition to that never-ending list.
Ramon Magsaysay Bridge

Off The Beaten Path: 5 Reasons to Visit and Experience Butuan City

It is undeniable that Butuan is a tourist gem in Mindanao, but what makes it stand out? Let's try to rediscover the Home of the Balangays in a different light.

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