Senen’s Mountain Resort: Your Nature Getaway in Cebu

Do you have a vacation planned? Do you need to unwind? All of us have different ways of coping with the strains of everyday life. It’s wonderful that we have entree to all sorts of destinations here in Cebu where we may lighten up and recharge.

Apart from the typical sunlit, white sands, there is another way of enjoying your vacations. Cebu isn’t called the queen city of South for nothing so now might be the time to explore one of its hidden gems, like the lulling atmosphere of its mountainside.

The mountains offer more than merely hiking; they also feature resorts that are ideal for leisure and a change of view. Mountains show you the value of taking everything slowly. It’s unlike the diverse noises, aromas, and sounds of city life that overstimulates the brain. As they say, less can be more, and with nature, there are fewer distractions and more time to relax.

Senen’s Mountain Resort

Senen’s Mountain Resort will certainly appeal to nature enthusiasts or even to ordinary people who want to reconnect with their natural environment. Just 10 minutes from the main road, located in the municipality’s mountainous parts, a quiet and romantic area away from hurly-burly of modern city life, is accessible through wide cemented roads with easily identifiable landmarks.

The creators behind Senens had in mind, a vision of where people could gather in a serene setting filled with trees, flowers, and the wide expanse of the sky.

Senen’s Mountain Resort is suitable for different kinds of occasions and celebrations, including but not restricted to group trips, team building, conferences, weddings, and birthdays, all of which require reservations to assure privacy. When it comes to finding a location for an event, event planners don’t have to search much further.

Guests will be served delightful and appetizing cuisine directly from the kitchen with their food catering services. Even guests with particular tastes will be satisfied by the wide variety and distinct flavors of food. They may also customize rates and packages to match the budget of the occasion.

Imagine marrying the love of your life and having all the important people around you in a place of such effortless allure. Or making other great memories in a setting that has more of a personal touch. It’s dreamy, it’s magical, it’s a feeling of what may seem small, but genuine joy, and it’s all found in Senen’s Mountain resort.

The resort provides a sense of seclusion and retreat, with small and big event areas that can accommodate groups of 10 to 1000 people. Those who wish to hang around for another day or two can do so in air-conditioned rooms or Bahay kudos. This picturesque location is ideal for family outings and other leisure pursuits. Depending on your preference for your next event or holiday, whether it’s by the pool or on a hilltop; the greatest part is that you won’t have to worry about meals because they will be served while you relax and admire the scenery.

Going to Senen’s

Located in Cabadiangan, Liloan, Cebu, roughly 3 kilometers from Liloan’s major roadway, the resort may be reached by motorcycles, automobiles, buses, or vans.

Even though the mountain landscapes serve as a spot on Instagram backdrop and a fun Snapchat location filter, unplugging from your phone is a far more rewarding experience. It’s like attempting to capture a photo of the magnificent moon on your phone, which always ends up looking unimpressive in digital form. So when you get there, you can take all the pretty pictures you want, but don’t forget to also live in the moment.

Herbert Kikoy

Surigaonon by birth, Butuanon by heart and now an adopted son of Cebu, Herbert is a hobbyist photographer who focuses on Food, Sports, Travel and Festivals photography.