Campinsa Hills – A Solitary Haven in Talisay City

Reaching the top of a mountain can be a struggle; some slopes are too high, crevasses that are too deep, and the looming danger that one can never be fully prepared for, so why do people still try? Simply because they want to reach the top. The summit is more than worth all the stumble and the long arduous ascent. It’s not just the destination alone though, because the journey towards the final point is a wholesome experience in itself. The way you push through into taking one more step, and the elation of reaching the peak.

This is why, despite the world-class beaches, the modern café and bars, cultural sites, and religious spots Cebu can offer, there are still people who would venture towards the mountains.

Campinsa Hills

This quiet and peacepul place in Talisay City is considered a unique haven. This title is more than fitting with the sea of large verdant mountains extending into the horizon, an overflowing lush, emerald field filled to the brim with Flora and Fauna. Anyone who wants to get in touch with nature should put this place on top of their to-do list.

Campinsa Hills

The gently rolling hills are like a maiden slumbering that has yet to be touched by the noise of the city. Its separateness from the bustle of the metropolis is a double-edged sword- offering a chance of escape but at the same time making it inaccessible and hard to travel. Once you do get over the challenge of the trip, you are gifted with the unimpeded view of the sky and clean air that will make you forget the constant pollution you surround yourself with. The panoramic view and the physical sensation the place exude give you peace of mind that settles into your core. It teaches you to slow down and take it all in – from the quaint landscape to the quiet, unimposing sounds of nature.

In the daytime, you can immerse yourself in leisure activities like biking, hiking, and enjoying the view of the mountains. At night you can settle in your camp as the stars light up unabated in the beautiful evening sky. When morning rolls, the cold, crisp, air greets you as a reminder to get yourself a coffee. And whether in rising or taking a dip, both sunset and sunrise in the Campinsa hills are resolutely stunning as it casts magnificent colors.

Going to Campinsa Hills

📍  Campo 6, Sitio Campinsa, Manipis, Talisay City

Get a ride that is bound for Talisay City. Drop at Lawaan, Talisay where Yahay Food Park is located. Habal-habal is the best transportation, they are parked at the back of the food park. There are a lot of drivers who are willing to take you to Sitio Campinsa. The usual one way fare is around P150 per head.

Campinsa Hills

Campinsa Hills

Upon reaching to Campinsa, take a quick trek going to the camping grounds. Fees are the following:

  • P20.00/pax entrance
  • P50.00/pax for overnight  camping (bring your own tent) 

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