Guillen Plantaciones: Experience Heaven on Earth

Guillen Plantaciones: Experience Heaven on Earth

Guillen Plantaciones

Guillen Plantaciones is a mountain resort located in Sitio Gabi, Cantipla, Sudlon 2. It is an resort farm and glamping destination that provides a serene and foggy environment for those who wish to experience such ambiance. They also takes pride of its scenic view of Tañon Straight and the Negros Island especially during sunsets.

The vision of the owners of Guillen Plantaciones is to offer each visitor an unparalleled experience of living, relaxing, and unwinding by providing a haven that blends tranquility, luxury, and natural beauty. Guillen Plantaciones aspires to elevate the concept of hospitality to new heights, leaving a lasting impression on the hearts and minds of all who venture into their celestial sanctuary.

To cultivate a resort farm environment that transcends earthly boundaries, elevating the experience closer to the sky by harmonizing nature and leisure is what Guillen Plantaciones aims. The owners wants to create a celestial resort farm environment that enriches lives and elevates the mind, soul, and spirit through transformative experiences.

Guillen Plantaciones: Experience Heaven on Earth

Guillen Plantaciones: Experience Heaven on Earth

Guillen Plantaciones: Experience Heaven on Earth

Embracing Lokal

Guillen Plantaciones is proud to help the local community. According to the owners, they have employed many farmers from the area and provided them training to modern farming techniques and making them part of the Guillen Plantaciones Resort Farm team. Former local grass and carabao trawlers are now resort workers who are dedicated to serve and entertain resort guests and customers. Through these efforts, they have fostered growth and progress in Sudlon 2.


The resort offers lots of features and services to make sure your stay is enjoyable. Guests can stay in A-shaped cottages with private bathrooms with hot and cold showers.Other amenities include an infinity pool, a convenience store with billiard and dart facilities, a restaurant and bar, ATVs, horseback riding, a wishing well, a playground, a jogging and walking path, a camping and viewing area, and a “Pick & Pay” section where you can get vegetables and strawberries.

There are also plans for a clubhouse for events, a wedding garden, ziplines and other trails, a firing and archery range, an organic/hydroponic farm tour, and painting, prayer and meditation areas.

Insider Tip:

For thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies, if you want to maximize your visit, you may opt to hike  or trek along the terrain. The farm is over 4 hectares, i’m pretty much sure it will sweat you out just like I did.

Guillen Plantaciones: Experience Heaven on Earth

Guillen Plantaciones: Experience Heaven on Earth

Resort Farm Rates

  • A-Shaped Cottages – P2000 / night (good for 2)
  • Extra Person per cottage – P500
  • Swimming Pool (Day use) – ₱200 (Adult); ₱150 (Kids 2 years old above) **₱50 are consumable
  • ATV Rental (30 mins) – P300
  • ATV Rental (1 hour) – P500
  • Horse-back Riding (30 mins – P350) (1 hour – P700)
  • Tent Rental & Tent Space (Small) – P600
  • Tent Rental & Tent Space (Medium) – P800
  • Tent Rental & Tent Space (Large) – P1000
  • Van / Car Tent Space Rental – P1000
  • Prenup Wedding Photo Shoot – P3000
  • Billiards – P150/hour
  • Pick & Pay Veggies – Depend on prevailing market price and availability of vegetable
  • Lunch / Dinner Buffet (Pre-arranged) – P600/pax (4 dishes, rice, dessert, drinks) (min. 10 pax)

If you’re looking for a new place to visit and experience something beyond the usual, Guillen Plantaciones is something worth trying.

How to get to Guillen Plantaciones

Guillen Plantaciones is just a 30-45 minute drive from Cebu .T. Park in Lahug. Also, finding the place is quite easy as it can be found on Google Maps and Waze. If you are planning to visit the place, you may check the map below.

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