Balidbid Lagoon: Beauty in Isolation

The island of Bantayan has always been known for its pristine beaches, that one sweeping look of its coastal view will have you captivated. There’s certainly more than meets the eye as it not only have on one tourist attraction, but numerous places and activities to fill in the bucket list of a travel junkie. You could do sky-diving, trekking, biking, and plenty of sightseeing.

Balidbid Lagoon

One of the little paradises that belongs to Bantayan is the Balidbid Lagoon. The lagoon is fondly called ‘’suba’’ by the locals, which means, ‘’where water flows.’’

Its charm mostly lies in how untouched its tropical beauty is, quiet and unassuming yet still visually inviting to local and foreign tourists alike. But who could resist the seemingly endless foliage of coconut trees and mangroves, that is perfectly complemented by the cerulean sea?

Barely touched by human civilization, its wilderness spreads in the expanse of the lagoon. It is tucked away in a hidden corner of Bantayan so if you lean towards a vacation that offers tranquility and seclusion, then this might just be the perfect get-away for you.

There is a sandy-stony beach fronting the sea with a picturesque view of Hilantagan Island, where waves that continually smash on the coast will keep you grounded on the present; but if you want your thoughts to float away and be one with nature, you have the option B which is the lagoon’s sandy curving beach, surrounded by calm waters and fine sand that makes you have the urge to dig in your toes.

The lagoon is out in the open and as sunlight reflects on its surface, it casts a dazzling look of breathtaking scenery. Sunsets in Balidbid lagoon is a different euphoria, as the unobstructed view of its sky promises a canvas filled with vivid colors.

Balidbid Lagoon

Balidbid Lagoon

Balidbid Lagoon

Best way to get to Balidbid Lagoon

  1.   Get a trike and ask them to wait up.
  2.   If you intend to stay longer, tell them come at a later time.
  3.   One way fare is around P60-P70.
  4.   Renting a scooter for 300-400 per day is another good and possible option.
  5.   Access to the place is privately owned. P10 entrance fee, P40 if you intend to go to the lagoon.

Balidbid Lagoon is a stark contrast to the city life that brings you to an emotional high of being always on the go, Balidbid lagoon offers instead a space of contentment and rest, a place that doesn’t seek anything other than wanting to cradle and lull you into a moment of safety and ease. Whether you’re there to bask in the beach, to fill up your Instagram feed, or jot down on your journal, Balidbid lagoon has a place for you.

Because the lagoon is a true natural marvel, it does not have any resort accommodations so make sure to bring in your essentials, and remember: the only trail you should leave is your footprint.

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