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A Guide to Saltwater Fishing Gear

You have found your ideal boat for saltwater fishing, the fuel tank is full, and you are set to go out there to see...
bacon jam

4 Clever Ways to Use Bacon Jam

Bacon jam was once just a fun food to try as a novelty, but it’s quickly becoming a kitchen staple for many. Its unique mix of sweet and savory, the smoky taste that lingers, and the easy application make a perfect sauce to add to any dish. If you’re unsure how to use it outside of the apparent toast and bagels: here are four ways you can use it that will make your dishes sing!
Philips-Easter-Gaming-Promo Half Size (1)

Philips Gaming Monitors partners up with Globe, Launches their Easter Gaming Promo

Manila Philippines – Many of us will be spending the Holy Week break at home, but that doesn’t mean the fun ends there. Philips Gaming Monitors partners up with Globe Telecom in launching the Easter Gaming Promo, keeping the Easter spirit alive.

Quintrex Bowriders and Cruiseabout Boats – Brisbane’s Biggest Dealer Buying Guide

Bowriders cost tens of thousands of dollars. And all boat manufacturers offer a variety of accessories for their vessels. This choice can confuse buyers, so they should not decide on this step unless they have been well informed beforehand.
St. Michael the Archangel Church

Rekindle Faith and Heritage: Visita Iglesia in South Cebu

If you are planning to go beyond the usual Visita Iglesia, the churches in the southern part of Cebu is not just an ideal place to rekindle with your faith but also a good venue to bask in their rich history

Accommodation Guide for TAS, What You Can Enjoy in Tasmania

Tasmania is a rather beautiful place overall, and much cheaper than other bigger cities. It supports artists and musicians as well, and provides beautiful sceneries for those who are interested in the aesthetics the world can provide.

Hawaii Adventure: 9 Stunning Places to Stop by On your Visit to Kauai 

Planning on visiting Hawaii? You surely want to stop by the island of Kauai. The Garden Island, as it is often referred to, is part of the Hawaiian archipelago. 
Australian Retreat

Different Types of Australian Retreat Including a Tasmanian Option

Visiting a retreat is a very popular form of activity for people all over the world, and even though the techniques have become more modernized, the idea has been around for many decades; the act of withdrawing ones-self and breaking away from reality
Canadian Rockies

How to Prepare for the Canadian Rockies Train Trip

Canada has several beautiful sceneries, and the Canadian Rockies has become one of the favorite destinations of travelers and tourists. It is home to four national parks and attractive resort towns. Going there by train is one experience that you will not forget easily.

Simple Things to Enjoy When You Stay in a Launceston Accommodation

For those who are not sure if the trip is worth it, here's a brief history of Launceston. The place is located in the Northern tip of Tasmania and is one of the state's major cities. The other is Hobart, which is located in the southernmost part

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