Wheels Bar + Grill: A Rustic Hideout in the Metro

Over the past years, Cebu’s gastronomy scene changed a lot. We used to settle for the usual before and we’re good with it. The story has changed, having the usual is unusual. In order for you to stay in the game, you need to be unsual.

We recently got invited to try and experience Wheels Bar+Grill. This is a newly opened resto in the uptown area of Cebu City. It doesn’t ring a bell since I have been into different bar and grills before but I was totally wrong. 

Wheels Bar and Grill

The Place

The interior of the place is eye-catching. The industrial appeal compliments well with the monster truck murals. And if you’re a fan of collectors items, I’m sure you will find this place very interesting. 

The Food

Wheels Bar+Grill serve various Filipino dishes tweaked to give more excitement on your taste buds. It will surely tickle your senses. Also, I love rustic presentation of their food, it’s eye-catching and I must say IG-worthy.

Our best recommendation is their Larang, its just heaven. The seafood combo compliments perfectly with the coconut broth. Please try it for yourself.

Wheels Bar and Grill

The Drinks

If you’re looking for a place to drink the night out, Wheels Bar + Grill have a good line up of drinks and beverages to suit your drinking preferences. Whether you’re a light drinker or a heavy one, they can sure cater to your needs.

Wheels Bar and Grill

The place is quiet secluded but its a great place. The ambiance and coziness of the place will surely get your attention. Their superb customer service and their awesome food are factors that makes them a must-visit place when you get lost in midtown Cebu.

Bar + Grill Details

If you wish to know how to get here or, better yet, contact them for reservations, here are the particulars:
Name of Business: Wheels Bar + Grill
Location: 168 Don Mariano Cui St, Cebu City
Contact: +63 998 793 4098
Website: Wheels Bar + Grill

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Herbert Kikoy

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6 thoughts on “Wheels Bar + Grill: A Rustic Hideout in the Metro

  1. The place looks beautiful!
    I also like the banana leaf on the plates.

  2. I like the different feel of the restaurant. I hope I get to go there and eat their food on the banana leaf plates 🙂

  3. Is this the one in front of Yakski ba? I’d really love to visit! As much as possible, I stay away from crowded places. LOL. Gonna invite my friends to eat there soon.

  4. Seeing the “wheel” ornamentation instantly reminded me of The Pitstop, which is also another great diner within the Capitol area that creatively uses automotive parts as decorations. Wheels just happens to have a much bigger space and a unique presentation of their dishes.

  5. I like their larang too Kuya! And their barbecue, Bicol express, kangkong, sisig. Hahahaha! Lami ila food!

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