Practical Ways to Prevent Gaming Addiction for Kids

Gaming is two-faced. It can pose as fun diversion and before you know it, the fun games turn into an unstoppable monster consuming your time and lifestyle. For kids, computer games can be too tempting to resist. You just have to try that game and now you’re captivated. When mom asks for a time-out, you beg for more and whine when you’re not allowed that extra time.

But there’s so much to do out there, you’re just too busy to notice the difference because you’re constantly facing the computer.

gaming addiction

When it looks like gaming is using up your time, activities and interaction with family and friends, it’s time for an intervention. Here are effective ways to prevent online gaming addiction

1. Have a break between playing time. Preferably 30 minutes to an hour in between. Do not play games without stopping for intervals.

2. Have at least an hour and a half of your time each day on non-electronic activities such as reading, writing or drawing preferably before bedtime.

3. Remember that school days are spent on school activities, studying and doing homework. Playing video and online games are strictly prohibited but if it is beneficial or educational like online jigsaw puzzles perhaps let them play a while and with your supervision.

4. Board games are fun and healthy alternatives to gaming. Playing with family moves the fun up a notch. If you don’t like board games, try card or word games instead. Must trys are Scrabble, Uno, Boogle or Word Factory.  If you want to level up a bit, a tool like word unscrambler is a big help and it allows you to quickly and easily unscramble your game tiles to make words.

5. Take a walk in the park with your pet, a family member or a friend. Walking is healthy and so is fresh air. Resist the temptation to stay at home facing the computer all day. Choose walking over sitting still for hours.

gaming addiction

6. Help mom or dad in the kitchen. It’s not only healthy and fun but you get to bond with them too. If you love playing cooking games, now’s the time to put your cooking skills to the test.

7. Pick a new sport and work on it.

8. Make time for spiritual activities and join religious youth groups for diversion. These groups let you interact with other kids your age, improving your social skills and self-esteem and keep your mind off your virtual gaming buddies.

9. Help mom plan your family nights. Or you could initiate plans for your family activities. Plan movie nights where you could load up on the popcorn and soda and have loads of fun with family.

10. Spend time with your closest friends and have the usual sleepovers and bonding overload. Nothing beats the company of good friends, real friends and not those found online.

The trick to a balanced life is to spend more time on things that matter. Sure, gaming is fun but when you look around you, there are a lot of fun things that you can do. Gaming is OK but you should set your limits and focus more on other recreational activities as well. Just enjoy your other kiddie luxuries.

Herbert Kikoy

Surigaonon by birth, Butuanon by heart and now an adopted son of Cebu, Herbert is a hobbyist photographer who focuses on Food, Sports, Travel and Festivals photography.

18 thoughts on “Practical Ways to Prevent Gaming Addiction for Kids

  1. Very good tips about shortening the gaming time. I was a bit confused though if you were talking to the parents or the kids. You go back and foth with the tenses but the important point does get accross!

  2. I’m not a parent so I really have no experience about gaming addiction being harmful to kids. However, I think the essential point here is that tech gaming/ online gaming should not be the end all and be all for kids. I see some parents giving their kids tablets and phones whenever they are being annoying, and I think that is how addiction is sparked. I believe parents should guide children on how to responsibly use technology, and your article surely gave outstanding tips.

  3. I’m a parent to plants and dogs but with kids, not yet. Haha! It’s my pet peeve to see kids throw tantrums whenever they are prohibited from playing. It’s sad to see parents who seem to have a hard time disciplining their kids. I guess what you’ve shared could be a lot of help to them. But maybe parents should also not depend too much on gadgets as well.

  4. Still my kid doesn’t play computer games.But I allow him to use educational apps.As you stated,there need a break.We also engage in reading sessions and we also love games such as board puzzles.

  5. Very practical tips. I too worked hard to keep my kids away from online and gaming addictions. We traveled a lot too and that too helped. Very helpful post for parents.

  6. These are some practical and helpful ones. I am not a parent but i can completely relate myself with the gaming addiction. I would say traveling has helped in a huge way.

  7. What a great and informative post this is! And the topic is awesome because it talks about burning issue. It is of the utmost importance to pay attention to the activities of our kids as well as to carefully choose them. Gaming is really OK, but only sometimes and only when the child has done with all the important assignments.

  8. Love puzzles as well. We enjoy solving puzzles as a family. It is fun when we see progress, and at times frustrating when we havent put pieces together for a long period. Nonetheless, nothin still beats solving puzzles as a family.

  9. I think this is good advice. I teach elementary school so I see how kids can become addicted to electronics. It’s smart to make them off limits on a school night. Taking breaks is also important.

  10. I couldn’t agree more. Though I am a bit guilty of spoiling my boy of playing video games but sure that I am doing alternatives somehow. I haven’t tried jigsaw puzzle online yet. It sounds an interesting game alternative!

  11. My son is fond of playing online games. He spends a big chunk of his day playing. We do try our best to limit him and yes, as you said, ask him to take long breaks in between. In our case, we ask him to practice reading and writing or we’ll have storytelling time.

  12. As a professional in IT industry, I would totally agree that kids should not spend more time on the computer or any gadgets. Yes, they’ll get a lot of information but these are unfiltered. On the other hand, as a traveler, I recommend kids to spend more time being physically active and interact with the actual objects and nature.

  13. This is indeed good tips to tighten the bond of the child to their parents. This is what’s happening nowadays, kids tend to spend more time playing games. good read 🙂

  14. Wow! a very good advice. You hit the nail right on its head Sir. I would really love to inculcate these tips onto my system when I have my own children. I really like #7 and #10.

  15. It can totally be a big nuisance to have children be addicted to videogames. Growing up, I have admittedly fallen to that particular hole, but have luckily managed to get a hold of myself with the help of my mother’s guidance before it got bad. But I know a lot of other kids who didn’t do so well and to this very day spend a big chunk of their time wasting away in front of the computer. Videogames are a good form of entertainment, sometimes beneficial even, but without proper moderation, can most of the time, have negative effects.

  16. I dunno but ironic kaayo sa feeling nga naa ko sa internet cafe run commenting niya akong gikuyugan akong 10-year-old nga manghod nga mag-DOTA. Sa ka-busy sa life namo sa akong parents gud kay feeling namo ang video games nalang ang dalangpan. Thanks for these tips!

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