Potato Salad for a Perfect Romantic Picnic

A romantic picnic is an excellent way to show your love and care for your partner, whether you are just new in the relationship or been married for quite some time. Just being outside enjoying the beautiful sunny day and the nature around you, and of course with the person you truly care for, is just enough to capture the ambiance of a true romantic picnic setting. The reminder of why you are with the person beside you in the first place and the thought of how much joy it brings knowing you are together is such a wonderful feeling!

Picking the right place for a romantic dinner is the main key to its success. Once you have the wrong venue, everything that you have worked for will just go to waste for the picnic might result to a major disaster!

Finding some tips that you might want to consider in choosing the perfect venue will be the first thing you have to do.

  • Make sure you pick the venue that you know of already. A place where you know you are not alone but can have the privacy you want. It is a bad idea to set a romantic venue wherein you are not familiar with, imagine you are already there only to find out that the place has herd of cows or mosquitoes all over the place.
  • In case you are worrying about your children and cannot stand to be away from them, your garden might be a good idea for a venue. You just need things to set up the mood like having the picnic under the canopy or inside your tent. Start your picnic when children are already in bed or you might talk to them and make a rule that they must stay away from the garden even for an hour. Set activities also inside the house to keep them busy.
  • Consider your partner’s choice of venue. You might choose a place near the beach or lake, knowing your partner has hydrophobia.
  • Do not ruin the romantic setting by forgetting items that are necessary like waterproof blanket, some cushions or worst, the foods or utensils you will be using. Make a list of all the things you need to bring so you will not forget anything.
  • Nothing can beat the romantic ambiance of witnessing the sunrise or sunset. Moreover, a full moon can be as romantic also when you share a cozy blanket with candles, torches or low sticks all around you.
  • Choosing the right champagne to complement the venue is necessary. It will definitely set the mood for the perfect romantic picnic. If you prefer wine against champagne, it is fine. You can make the wine more romantic by adding cheese and fruits, which is indulgent and sexy.
  • A final temptation would be peppermint creams or a bar of luxurious chocolate to complete the romantic setting.

Now that you have chosen the right venue for your picnic, what is the next important thing to consider? Of course, no other than the food you plan to eat. It will not be called picnic if there is no food in the first place, right. Here are some suggestions for romantic picnic food recipes.

Romantic Picnic Foods – must be different from your usual meals but does not need to be expensive and extravagant. The simpler food and yet classy to prepare, the better!

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