Filipino Food Recipe – Dinuguan

Last updated on August 11th, 2019 at 10:48 pm

Dinuguan also called as Tid-Tad in Pampanga, Dinardaraan in Ilocano, Sinunggaok or Champene in Batangas, Sampayna or Champayna in Mindanao, and Pork Stew, Chocolate Meat or Blood Pudding Stew in English is a very delicious stew of offal (composed of entrails and internal organs of animals), which is simmered in a spicy, rich gravy of pig blood. The term dinuguan was derived from the word dugo, which means blood.

Do not be deceived by its name, wait until you have tasted one. It is very usual to consider this meal as alarming to others because of its name; however, this is similar to Britain’s Black pudding or Europe’s Blood Sausage. It’s appearance is somewhat similar to Poland’s Czernina Soup or more like an ancient food from the Spartan called Melas Zomos or Black Soup, which all of these recipes have pork, vinegar and pork blood as the main ingredients.

If you do not like to use offal as the meat for the dinuguan, you can use any pork meat you desire like pork belly or pork shoulder. This dish is a favorite of Filipinos because it goes well with a hot steaming white rice or Philippine rice cake known as Puto.

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