Effective Tips To Rebuild Your Brand After A Major Mistake

Making a business is more than advertising your brand. It can be considered successful if it has to have a positive image with the buying public. In case there is a major dilemma that your brand would encounter, see the keys below to rebuild your image and to regain trust of the public.

Know The Root

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More often than not, big things come from small packages. Minor incidents that cause hurt to the consumers and fund losses should be dealt immediately. If you see some abnormalities in the process, take action on hand through legal means. Have a belief that it can be solved well and reassure the consumers that the problem is being addressed.

Admit Your Mistakes

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One best way to address the problem is to be honest in accepting the blame. Express regrets about the incident before it becomes scandalized and over exaggerated. Don’t be pressured. There is a still a chance to stand up if you know what you have done and assure yourself not to do it again. You are not alone. You can consider getting the services of a public information firm to help you through.

Use Media Alerts

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Since your goal here is to regain the trust of the public, you may use the media to replace the negatives into positive ones. You can donate to charitable organizations, answer questions honestly, or maybe arrange press conferences. Advertise your brand with more positive and colorful imagery. These are just to show that you are brave enough to face the problem and accept the fault done.

Make a Fresh Beginning

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Part of the acceptance is to get ready to move on and step up to the new level. Everyone deserves a second chance. Instead of focusing mainly on the issue, why not change the name of your brand but the same staff to work with? In this way, you can create another brand that’s different from the past and give a new future to your brand.

Get Inspirations

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Trying to weigh your problem over the others? Do you have the same weight, or yours can be lighter for the other brands? You have to realize that if others can solve bigger problems, why can’t you? Successful people never become as they are today had they not encountered a major crisis in the life of their brand.

It’s not how many times you fall, it’s the times you rise again from a major fall. Failure doesn’t mean the end of the road; it’s just a way to challenge yourself for a greater plan, for a greater purpose, to succeed and to improve yourself.

Did you have a branding failure before? What did you do to get back on your feet? Share and comment below.

Herbert Kikoy

Surigaonon by birth, Butuanon by heart and now an adopted son of Cebu, Herbert is a hobbyist photographer who focuses on Food, Sports, Travel and Festivals photography.

9 thoughts on “Effective Tips To Rebuild Your Brand After A Major Mistake

  1. Never had any blogging failures and I am not planning to have one! Haha! But after reading this post, I now know what to do if ever a time comes and I get to make a “major mistake”. I am actually scared to make mistakes that’s why I always think twice before posting any articles. Honesty and integrity are my values as a blogger. hihi! Hope I don’t commit any blogging mistakes! Thanks for this post!

  2. Branding, whether it’s for my blog or some other businesses that I ventured into has always been a major problem of mine, so this post really helps. I like what you said about not being afraid to start over as well – I get quite discouraged very easily so this is something that I always have to keep in mind. Plus, I also can resonate with the part about admitting your mistakes – I find that clients are very forgiving if you are immediately contrite and if they can see that you’re trying your best to remedy the situation. Anyway, thank you for the words of encouragement. Will definitely keep these things in mind. 🙂

  3. Branding, in general, is important. It is what entities try to project, what they want the target audience to see and remember. But could they deliver on the image they projected? Fail that and the brand fails. It is pretty hard to recover and it takes a lot of resources and money to recover. Large companies have the money so some big brands in the past which made mistakes were able to recover. For smaller entities, it could be catastrophic.

  4. This is a nice read especially to those who recently made a mistake and made a bad impression to the audience. Everything should really start in looking at the cause of the problem, accepting it, and then do something to make up for it. I haven’t really ventured out on making a big investment with my blog, but these sure are important to keep in mind. I always believe that prevention is better than cure though. That’s why planning is playing a very important role in businesses.

  5. I totally agree with you on admitting mistakes. Nothing annoys people more than brands not admitting when they are wrong. By saying hey we messed up and this is how we are going to fix it then you are more likely to regain their trust.

  6. Thankfully, we still haven’t experienced branding failure. We’ll make sure to admit our mistake if we get to a point like that. It may be hard to win back the readers/ followers. However, if they see one’s sincerity, I’m sure they’ll be forgiving and we can regain our credibility. For worst case scenarios, we’ll really have to spend for good publicity if we want to salvage our brand.

  7. Looks like life savior tips, so valid for revival after a goof up.
    Admit the mistake is the biggest step that one can take, half the battle is won with that. But then the audience is waiting to see how you plan to revive so self motivation and inspiration is very much required. Great post!

  8. Branding is very imprtant. It’s the heart of every business and generally everything that needs PR. And since it’s very imprtant, it’s also hard to establish but one mistake can make it all fall apart. These are great tips and luckily, I haven’t had any nightmares regarding branding. I guess it all boils down to starting again and learning from your mistakes. Some might not even recover while some took a long time to finally leave the business mishap.

  9. I agree on this post. Branding is so important but one losses its balance one cannot stand to face the failure. That is one important aspect I have learned in the business. But one thing as well is to be aware first about what branding means and why its important to tackle or include aspects when its failing so one can be aware when things messed up. Acceptance plays a vital role on this as well.

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