Photography Tips To Make Most of Your Travels

Every place we go has its own distinctive character, look and ambiance. Now, if we want the photographs of our travels to be lasting and good, they should be able to capture all of these qualities, and say a thousand words about the place.

We will not be able to hold on to the smell and freshness of a spring flower, the amazement of seeing the mountains for the first time, the tickle of the tropical breeze, the exhilaration of a huge roller coaster, the astonishment at watching a first wild bear. However, we need to make sure that the photographs are able to bring all these back to us and trigger our memories each time we see them.

To make this happen we need take care of certain things. Here are five surefire photography tips to help you take wonderful travel photographs.

  • Travel photography by its nature is exciting and inspirational; however, it is easy to lose control when you start clicking them. It is a fantastic idea that you carry all your kit along whenever you travel. Now if you decide on carrying your own kit you need to travel light can carry a library of memory cards, a lightweight tripod or maybe a flexible Gorillapod, a portable storage unit to keep all these. You will also need a compact and a flash unit, a selection of lenses and of course a durable all weather camera bag.
  • Travel is an excellent way of opening up the world to you. Travel also opens up a wide range of genres to an avid photographer, however, big task is deciding on the lenses. Either a good lens can make or break you photographs. If you have to decide on only one then go for a fast zoom lens like the one with 28-300m or 18-200mm. At times, the focal point remains much away, but again there will be times when the focal point will be quite close to you. A fast zoom lens will help with a variable focal length and give you a good wide angle.

Photography Tips

  • Try shooting in RAW and JPEG format since they give you greater flexibility on your return. However, this indicates that you will need to carry several high capacity memory cards. One good habit is downloading your images your laptop or your storage device every night. This will give you enough free spaces the next day. When you go off, make sure that you carry twice the amount of cards with you each time.
  • Every night, after the day is over, take some time to jot down a few notes about the day. This will later help you to add keywords and descriptions to your photos. Then again, some cameras let you add small amount of information to each image which helps in referring to the images at a later stage.
  • If you feel that you need some inspiration and information, start by talking to the local tourist information center and see where they recommend your visit. Tell them clearly about your style of photography and ask if there are photographic places away from the tourist track.

Before you take the plunge make sure that you go through the postcard stands and read enough on the local and search online about the place and draw an idea about what you want to achieve. Make a shortlist to keep your mind focuses when you are on location.

All the best!

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