Chicken Relleno

Relleno is mostly deboned chicken or any meat and roasted, filled with ground meat mixed with seasonings and vegetables. Because of its name, some assumed it originated from Spain; however, unknown to many, it was really from France. The difference between a galantina and a relleno is that galantina, which is a Filipino adaptation of their classic French galantine, is that it is a deboned chicken, cooked in a stock and it is usually served cold. Hence, the relleno is usually served warm right after it was roasted. Filipino likes to serve it with the legs and wings still intact to its body so it resembles a bird instead of a large cylinder. Although it originated in France, the galantina or relleno serving on wealthy festive in the Philippines during the time of Spanish colonial. For many Filipino families, it is a tradition to serve it during Noche Buena dish.

The deboning part of the chicken is the most difficult part of cooking this dish. The technique in deboning the chicken is to leave the wings and the leg on, which gives the chicken a nice form. Once you past this easy step, then everything will be a breeze.

Most modern relleno recipes requires for a variety of canned meats like pimientos, Vienna sausage and hotdogs. Although some wants to put chorizo, some opted for a more American style by putting bacon instead. Typically, some experts in preparing relleno add a hard-boiled egg, which is positioned at the center of the chicken; however, to some who cannot master the act of putting the egg inside, chooses to skip this part. Raisins are added also to the filling but some does not want any sweetness in their filling.

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