The Scott Kelby WWPW 2015-Liloan Experience

Last updated on December 18th, 2015 at 08:14 am

This is our second time of leading a Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk. The first one was way back 2013 in the island of Olango. It was small by then but it was a big success. For this year, upon several brainstorming session with my fellow groupmates, we decided to have our photowalk in the Light of the North,  Liloan. The town is first class municipality in the northern part of Cebu.

When asked about Lighthouse and Rosquillos, the very first thing that pops in our head is Liloan. Yes, the town of Liloan is home to the Bacagay Light Point and the famous Titay’s Rosquillos.

Bacagay Light Point Quick Facts

  • Replacement to the old lighthouse built by the Spaniards.
  • The lighthouse made of concrete and is shaped like an octagon
  • It is over 72 feet tall, and has a focal plane of 146 feet
  • It can be seen from over 17 nautical miles away.
  • It is solar powered

Bagacay Light Point

Titay’s Rosquillos and Delicacies Quick Facts

  • Rosquillos is derived from the Spanish word “Rosca” which means ringlet
  • Titay’s Rosquillos was established way back 1907 by Margarita “Na Titay” Frasco
  • Cebu governor Sergio Osmeña, Sr called it Rosquillos in referenceto the Spanish wine ring cookie known as Rosquillos de Vino

Titays Rosquillos

Another interesting sights in Liloan are  the San Fernando Rey Church and Balay Pilapil.

San Fernando Rey Church Quick Facts

  • The church was  built in 1847, two years after the formal creation of Liloan as a parish
  • It is named after Saint Ferdinand III, a King of Castile and Leon in Spain
  • The church is not facing the sea as most Spanish-built churches do


Balay Pilapil Quick Facts

  • The house is owned by Pilar Pilapil, a Cebuana beauty queen and actress
  • One of the oldest heritage houses in Northern Cebu

Balay Pilapil

But little did we know, Liloanons are crafty and skilled wood carvers. Most of them uses driftwood to make elegant furniture like tables and chairs. The town is also home to ceramics manufacturers who sell varieties of ceramic items from ordinary plant pots to bricks and exotic jars,


Having led a Scott Kelby photowalk previously, we never expect this year’s walk to be more exciting  compared to our photowalk way back 2013 in Olango. The response from fellow photography enthusiast for this year’s walk is overwhelming. Thus making this year’s photowalk a huge success.

Here are some of the snapshots of our recently concluded Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk Liloan edition. Enjoy!

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Also check out this cool video made by Vicfer Ybañez.

Our photo walk will not be made possible without the support of the Liloan LGU, headed by their ever supportive Mayor, Hon. Duke Frasco. We would also like to thank PRG Photoshop, FreeSoul Cyber Gadgets, the Cebu Blogging Community, MexiMama and iNewMedia Online for gracing our event with exciting and awesome prizes.

Gallery - Walkers of SKWWPW Liloan
Video - Vicfer Ybañez
Titay's Rosquillos - Mark Gabriel Yu
Bagacay Light Point - Mark Gabriel Yu
Balay Pilapil - Gil Bomediano
Furniture Maker - Alvin Acain
Liloan Church - Joseph Juban

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