Quickie Linagpang

Cooking has been a very important past time for a lot of Filipinos. It‘s a fact that you can find a lot of unique dishes in the Philippines. Some of these even captured the taste of people worldwide. Filipinos are famous for coming up with very tasty dishes that could win someone’s heart. There are a lot of familiar tasty dishes that you can gulp on if you are in the Philippines.

However, there are some dishes that are distinctly unique and some of you are even unaware that such dishes exist. One particular dish to mention is “Linagpang“. This is a traditional dish of the Ilonggos in western Visayas. The dish is quite unique and is very easy to prepare.

This uncommon dish would be a totally different culinary experience for everyone who loves to discover rare and unique dishes. Imagine the taste of grilled native chicken/fish in a soup, not to mention the hotness from the “sili.” This dish is superb during cold rainy seasons.


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