Triple Chocolate Mousse

A true “chocoholic” is always guilt-free. Often even before the pleasant experience has started, it is already ruined by the mentally counting of calories and converting it into miles on the treadmill or days of eating salads. Whoever started the idea that chocolate is profane totally ruined it for the rest of us. Chocolate is supposed to make people happy.

It is not a “devil”. It is not “wicked”. It is not “sinful”.

Staying true to the real chocolate spirit of “feel-good” indulgence can be difficult. It takes patience and perseverance. It takes determination and dedication. It takes strength and commitment. You need to set your mind, heart and appetite into it. And there’s no better way than to start with a dessert made of 3 layers of 3 different kinds of chocolates. Forget about the calories. Forget about going to the gym. Forget about the world. Take a bite and enjoy… then take another… and another.

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