The Great Taste Of Vegan CBD Gummies In Your Mouth

If you are anything like me then sweets and candies and chocolates are your weak point. Now I’m not proud of it or saying it is right to enjoy them to the extent that I do, but if I had to choose between mains or desserts as a last meal on earth, it would be cake all the way.

I am aware it’s the sugary goodness that is piling onto my hips and eating away at my pearly whites or the rainbow colors that seem to taste as good as they look, but as of late I have noticed a change in the way my body reacts to it all. It may be that I am reaching 40 and things are shifting into gear for the next chapter of my life, or my body has just had enough.

Joints are starting to ache a bit more often, twinges of sharp shooting pain comes and goes more noticeably than usual, and all in all, I have been feeling a bit on the lethargic, no zest for life side of the coin.

I recently went to my friend’s home for a ‘social distancing’ dinner which was as interesting as it was entertaining, to say the least, and the topic came up of ‘getting on’ in our years.

  • Take a minute to read this compelling article and see we are all headed in the same direction at one point or other in our lives.

She mentioned to me, in shock and horror by the fact that I had not tried these sooner, of a product that is taking the world by storm. After picking her jaw up from the floor she sprinted to the kitchen and came back with a bottle that looked similar to that of a multi-vitamin, only the front had an image of gummy sweets and leaves? I was intrigued.

So what was all the fuss about I wondered, she began to explain?

The fact that these ‘treats’ which doubled as organic, all-natural healing aids was right up my alley, I have always despised having to take chemical-based pills and solutions to fix an issue within the body. Most of the time the problem comes right back and usually worse than before, and the dosage you need begins to increase. It was never for me.

What am I referring to you I hear you muttering? CBD oil, CBD products, and more specifically what came to me like a tornado from my friend’s kitchen cupboard, CBD gummies.

They look like regular gummy bears and drops you’d buy at the grocery store, but with a hidden gem. They have been infused with a strong dose of CBD, extracted from the hemp flower with eco-friendly harvesting methods, and come pre-portioned for efficiency and convenience because we know life is full enough as it is.

To find out more about these must-have ‘sweets,’ although not technically candies but I have convinced my mind otherwise, click now and change the way your future journey pans out. If you have tried everything else stating to be ‘natural’ and organic but with unsuccessful results, you have nothing to lose, life is too short to be waiting around when the answer is her now.

Understanding veganism.

There are many opinions on what this may mean, and each person is entitled to their say, ‘each to their own’ as my granny liked to quote whenever she could.

But in a simplistic version for those of us who, like me, don’t enjoy dragged out explanations, it boils down to a lifestyle where the cruelty to animals for the sole purpose of food and clothing is eliminated to the highest possible point.

The practice has been around for longer than we may realize and you can find out more in this write-up about the history of veganism, it isn’t merely about ‘diet’ or trying to lose weight, but ultimately about compassion.

We weren’t put on this earth to inflict pain and confrontation on other living beings were we? Is life not about being in harmony with one another and sharing Mother Nature’s gift of trees and fresh air?

If I can quote a great saying by a wise gentleman, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”  –Mohandas Gandhi


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