Easy Salads That Are Both Healthy and Satisfying

Sometimes salads gets a bad rap for being boring or bland. But of course we all know vegetables are good for us, and they are especially important if you are looking to lose a little bit of weight. They can also come in handy if you are dealing with high cholesterol or digestive problems as well. Yet many people either ignore or shun vegetables because they simply don’t find them interesting. You should know however, that the right combination of veggies can create a veritable feast in your mouth.

5 Super Easy and Healthy Salads

There are wonderful salads that have the potential to elevate your meals to a whole new level. So if you traditionally associate vegetables with munching on carrots or celery sticks, it’s time to rethink things with some of these awesome salads.

healthy salads

Garden Salad

A lot of people never realize the full potential of the garden salad. It’s not just lettuce and a few chunks of cucumber or onions. You can virtually put a whole garden of fresh vegetables to make a grand feast that will satisfy even the most skeptical meat-eater. They key is to find that right combination of vegetables that blend together perfectly while taking advantage of crunchy texture. There really is no single formula that works for everyone so don’t be afraid to experiment and come up with your own special blend.

Spinach Salad

This is truly an underrated salad that has the potential to tantalize all your taste buds. Spinach itself doesn’t have a lot of flavor, and there is no strong dressing traditionally associated with this particular salad. But the combination of fresh eggs, bacon bits, onions, and mushrooms really comes together perfectly with spinach. All you need is a touch of light dressing on the side for a little bit of extra punch, or a selection of fresh herbs and spices will do nicely as well.

Caesar Salad

A lot of people concentrate on the dressing when it comes to Caesar salad, but there is so much more. While a good creamy dressing is vitally important, it’s all about the extras that really make a great Caesar salad. Fresh homemade croutons and a touch of real Parmesan cheese will elevate your Caesar salad to something you can find in a restaurant. It’s also essential to find fresh crisp lettuce to serve as the base of your Caesar salad, and don’t forget to wipe off any excess moisture to avoid a watery dish.

Greek Salad

It’s the feta cheese that really makes this dish, and it goes well with everything from pasta to barbecue food. It’s extremely easy to prepare since it involves nothing more than chopping up chunks of tomatoes, onions, green peppers, and olives. Just make sure that you get that delectable feta cheese with deep flavor to really bring the salad to life.

Fruit Salad

Don’t forget about this wonderful option to end off a meal in a healthy way. A properly prepared fruit salad can be just as flavorful and delectable as a cake or pie loaded in trans fats. It’s quite a health swing to go from high cholesterol foods people eat for dessert to something completely healthy. You can eat fruit salad without feeling guilty at all while letting natural flavors satisfy your sugar craving. You’re also free to experiment with different types of fruits, but almost any combination is going to result in a winner

Keep in mind that you can pump up the health potential of any salad by limiting the dressing. It’s a great and among the best healthy salad ideas to put the dressing on the side rather than slathering it right on top. You can also forgo dressing altogether which will save you a lot of calories and fat content. There are flavored spice mixes you can use to prevent your salad from being completely bland.

Enjoy and eat healthy!



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