Stuffed Potatoes with Three Cheeses

Potato is the most popular tuber in the world. It has hundreds of varieties in shape, sizes, starch, color and taste. Potatoes have 20% indigestible starch that is why it must be cooked first before eating. However, this can be cooked in any possible cooking method you desire.

Check out this very simple potato recipe that is suitable for those people who don’t have the luxury of time.

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Potatoes are usually used as a side dish in any main dishes but they can also be a significant ingredient in some dishes like soups, stew and other casserole dishes. Red potatoes are best for boiling and russets for baking and frying. Potatoes are widely used also for commercial products such as instant mashed potatoes, potato chips and many frozen products like hash browns, French fries and baked stuffed potatoes.

How to Buy:

When choosing potatoes to buy, make sure to choose those are plump and firm. Avoid potatoes that have sprouting eyes, blemishes, shriveled skins and green spots.


Make sure to store potatoes in a cool dry area. They can last for two weeks if kept in a room temperature and longer than two weeks if stored in a cool place. If potatoes were bought in a plastic bag, remove the plastic and put the potatoes wherein they can have a proper air circulation.

A paper sack can be a great substitute for plastic for does not trap moisture, which causes the potatoes to rot easily. DO NOT keep the potatoes inside the refrigerator because the cool temperature will turn the starches into sugar, which will cause the dark coloring in the potatoes when cooked. DO NOT store potatoes with onions, the gas that onions releases can increases the decaying period of potatoes.


• Long white potatoes
• Round white potatoes
• Russet potato
• Red potato
• Klondike Rose
• Yukon Gold Potatoes
• Creamer potato
• New potato
• Finger potato
• Austrian crescent
• Butter cream potato
• Russian banana
• Purple potato
• Sweet potato
•• White or yellow fleshed
•• White sweet
•• Orange fleshed
•• Beauregard
•• Okinawan or purple fleshed[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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