A Celebration of Life: Tagbilaran’s Saulog Festival 2019

The Saulog Festival in Tagbilaran City, Bohol is an annual cultural affair honoring St. Joseph the Worker. This thanksgiving festival got its inspiration from the local word, “saulog“, which means to celebrate or to commemorate. Now on its seventh year, it was bigger and brighter than ever.

Aside from the infamous Sandugo Festival, the Saulog Festival is one festivity that Boholanos look forward to every year. It does not only aim to merit the city’s most beloved patron, but also to show to the world that Tagbilaran City is fast growing, developing and progressing deserving a place on the global tourism map.

Just like the Sugat-Kabanhawan Festival, joining this year’s Saulog Festival and its photo contest was my first time.

Like any other cultural festival, the street dancing is probably the most exciting part of the celebration. It is where people from all walks of life meet to appreciate the beauty and vigor offered by the very enthusiastic performing contingents. The chants coming from the participants and the clamor from the crowd intensified the whole festival experience.

Saulog Festival in Tagbilaran City


With the theme “Balik-Lantaw sa Atong Kagahapon Alang sa Bag-ong Asenso sa Kaugmaon“, the 7th Saulog Festival was graced by the colorful and vibrant costumes from 15 participating barangays, who battled all blood, sweat and tears for pride and glory.

The Saulog Festival is a surefire way of keeping the locals, as well as tourists, excited for the month-long fiesta season in the province of Bohol. Yet amid all the preparations for the festival, it’s interesting to note how devout the Tagbilaranons are to their patron saint, doing everything and anything they can to offer their thanks and love for St. Joseph the Worker. After all, he is but the essence of the festival and the reason for this season of festivities.

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