Quintrex Bowriders and Cruiseabout Boats – Brisbane’s Biggest Dealer Buying Guide

For all water sports adventurers, an attractive and reliable boat is a must. A bowrider, which you can find out more about at this link, offers the most compared to the price you will pay for it. Fishers, fans of water activities, but also by all those who want to just cruise and relax somewhere off the coast, will enjoy this small runabout.


Experienced boaters have an idea of what to look for when buying a vessel. Newcomers have yet to learn about these details. But once they understand what matters and what to look for, they know how to get the most value for their money.

New or Used Vessel

Buying a boat is a significant investment. Although purchasing a new vessel is always a better decision than getting a used one, the second one is not a bad idea if you’re buying a bowrider for the first time. Maybe your budget doesn’t allow you to treat yourself with a new runabout.

What you need to know is that second-hand vessels are losing their value more slowly. In new boats, their selling price can decrease by a third in just a few months. So, the high price is the biggest downside of buying a new vessel.

The initial savings you make by buying a used bowrider are often only apparent. Logically, the used vessel will spoil more often than a new one. It will require more detailed maintenance, and, in general, much more investment to arrange the vessel as you wish.

With sleek new bowriders, all the equipment and boat appearance can be personalized to your liking. The warranty covers servicing; depending on the manufacturer, it can last for years, even a decade. It is up to you to perform minimal, routine maintenance.

Do Research

On the Internet, look for information on what runabout models exist on the market, how many horsepowers they have, what materials they are made of, etc. Visit several specialist sites to get an insight into the offer on the market as well as vessel specifications.

It is also advisable to investigate manufacturers and sellers in greater detail. It would be best if you had some confirmation that buying through them is safe; as the list of recommendations. The protection of customers is of the utmost importance, especially when they purchase expensive things, like a bowrider.

Check Performance

When choosing a runabout, you have to see it in the act. Test drive is a must; then, you can check what the bowrider can and see if you are comfortable while driving. Check how fast the boat can go, but also how steerable it is (how the vessel behaves when turning, changing the speed, or maintaining the course).

Consider Interior of the Boat


If you are buying a boat, it is because you plan to spend time on it. And for that time to be comfortable and productive, you need to design the vessel according to your wishes and requirements. At the same time, you have to be practical.

You will adjust the size and the type of the vessel to the needs and possibilities of parking and transport (check the size of the boat trailer, if you have one). A rule of a thumb is – the more people on the boat, the more horsepowers it must have.

Be Convenient with Choices

The interior of a bowrider should follow your wishes, but also the circumstances in which it will be. For example, you can choose the material for the upholstery of the seats of Quintrex bowriders. Fabric may look attractive and comfy, but it’s not feasible for vessels (because of the water). Water repellent materials such as vinyl are a way better option.

Be sure to check the backrest angle and legroom. The arrangement in the cockpit will depend on what the boat is intended for. Fishing bowriders have a large cockpit, while those designed for cruising have a spacious aft.

Bowriders cost tens of thousands of dollars. And all boat manufacturers offer a variety of accessories for their vessels. This choice can confuse buyers, so they should not decide on this step unless they have been well informed beforehand.


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