Everything to Know About Ngohiong – The Cebuano Spring Rolls

Aside from its best tasting Lechon, the Queen City of the South has a way lot more to offer. Cebu will not just delight your eyes with its world-class tourist destinations; it would also give your tummy a boost!

Ngohiong (“ngo-yong“) is one of the most popular local delicacies in Cebu. It is a Cebuano variant of the Chinese spring rolls. On the outside, ngohiong looks like the typical Filipino lumpiang shanghai, but its inside reveals something more unique. The ingredients used in preparing ngohiong are singkamas, ubod, onion, garlic, seasonings, and a powder made from five special spices. Coming from China, the powdered spices used to prepare the dish are cinnamon, star anise, fennel seeds, Sichuan pepper, and cloves. Depending on preference, ground meat or shrimp may also be added to your ngohiong. The ingredients are mixed, tossed, wrapped in rice-paper rolls, and deep-fried to get the perfect crisp.

At home, ngohiong can be prepared in an hour or even less (see recipe below).

Ngohiong – The Cebuano Spring Rolls

Ngohiong – The Cebuano Spring Rolls

Ngohiong is an affordable yet delicious dish found throughout Metro Cebu. It is sold in Chinese restaurants, eateries, stalls, and turo-turo. Typically, ngohiong is served with the starchy, sweet, sour, and spicy dip sauce. For Cebuanos, puso is a perfect match for this dish. With ngohiong’s taste and price, it makes a good meal and snack for students, workers, and tourists alike.

To get the best out of your Cebu trip, here are the top 5 ngohiong places that you would not want to miss in Cebu (in no particular order)!

Doming’s Ngohiong

Definitely one of the best ngohiong places in town, Doming’s Ngohiong’s specialty is perfectly seasoned that it tastes so good with or without sauce. The large crowd that flock the place during lunchtime is more than enough evidence.

TJRB’s Ngohiong

TJRB’s is a popular place that serves greaseless ngohiong that is utterly delicious. TJRB’s Ngohiong has a huge crowd following, thanks to its special ngohiong recipe. If you wanna give it a try, just ask any local for directions to the “ngohiongan atbang Sacred Heart.”

Chinese Ngohiong

Ask a random Cebuano about the best place to try ngohiong, and they would very likely reply, with no contest, the Chinese Ngohiong. Thanks to its flavored rice paper, its signature sauce, and its secret recipe. Also known as “Chinese Ngohiong sa San Carlos,” this carenderia has been running since 1990 with quality eats proven and tested by its ever-so-loyal customers.

Ed’s Ngohiong

Ed’s offers tasty and crunchy ngohiong best paired with their special tangy sauce. Its unique blend of ingredients has quite been an attraction to avid fans, making Ed’s Ngohiong equally competitive as the rest on this list.

Golden Cowry

Last but definitely not the least, Golden Cowrie is a casual dining restaurant that offers ngohiong comparable to the ones found in hawker stands. And that is not a bad thing. Despite being served in a more comfortable place, Golden Cowrie still manages to preserve the original taste of Cebu’s ngohiong. So if you are a non-local looking for an excellent place to enjoy such local delicacy, Golden Cowrie is the perfect place for you!

Hidden Gem | If you happen to be one of us, people of the North, check out Chinese Ngohiong sa Lacion for they serve the best ngohiong in this part of Cebu. Just a nudge away, they’ll surely satisfy your cravings by delivering them right at your doorstep! (Visit their page for more details.)

Your Cebu getaway can never be complete without experiencing the Queen City’s local delicacies. Aside from its famous lechon, you just couldn’t miss the delicious and pocket-friendly ngohiong. Definitely one for the books!

Want to give ngohiong a try? Here’s the recipe:

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