An Expression of Thanksgiving: Danao’s Karansa Festival 2019

The City of Danao is best known as a sugar town and a city of gunsmiths. Not known to many, however, is that it is also recognized in pottery making. In fact, making clay pots is a major livelihood of most locals.

Danaowanons, in nature, are hardworking people and always find ways to celebrate a day’s work. Productive or not, the people never failed to celebrate through dance (karansa) and pay homage to their patron saint.

Karansa Festival

Karansa Festival

The Karansa Festival is an annual thanksgiving and merry-making celebration of the Danaowanons to Sto. Thomas de Villanueva. Held every September, the month-long festival showcases the city’s past and present heritage and culture.

Among the highlights of the event are the street dance competition, ritual showdown and the Karansa Festival Queen contest.

Karansa Festival

Street Dance Competition

Street dancing is probably every festival’s icing-on-the-cake. It is where people from all walks of life meet to appreciate the beauty and vigor offered by the very enthusiastic performing contingents.

It was quite amusing to watch the kiay, karag, kurug, and karahay of the energetic and graceful dancers together with their lovely Karansa Queen. This year, there were 8 contingents who came from different schools in the City of Danao who were vying for the ultimate prize.

  • Sabang National High School (KF #1)
  • DT Durano Memorial Integrated School (KF#2)
  • Ramon M. Durano Sr. Foundation STEC (KF #3)
  • Beatriz D. Durano Memorial National High School (KF #4)
  • Ubaldo Iway Memorial National High School (KF #5)
  • Bibiana Mercado Integrated School (KF #6)
  • Maslog National High School (KF #7)
  • Guinsay National High School (KF #8)

Bibiana Mercado Integrated School

Contingent #6 from the Bibiana Mercado Integrated School bagged all three (3) minor awards, namely:

  • Best in Andas,
  • Best in Street Dancing
  • Best in Costume

Ritual Showdown

The ritual showdown depicts the resiliency and optimism of all Danaowanons, and their devotion to Sto. Thomas de Villanueva amidst the many challenges that came their way as a then-sleepy-town-turned-vibrant-city. This is the people’s way of showing how grateful they are persisting to survive as a united whole as they collectively evolve through the years.

The Pundok Sa Nagkahiusang Maalamon of the Ramon M. Durano Sr. Foundation – STEC was hailed as the ritual showdown Grand Champion.

Pundok Sa Nagkahiusang Maalamon

Runners-up include:

  • 1st – Hugpong Sa Mahudyaka Ug Remarkadong Danawanon  (KF #6)
  • 2nd- Tribu Madasigon  (KF #2)
  • 3rd – Tribu Ni Beatriz (KF #4)
  • 4th – Pundok Sa Malambuong Masloganon (KF #7)

Karansa Festival Queen

The Karansa Festival Queen is a competition of charm, wit and gracefulness in performing the Karansa. Aside from the search for Miss Danao, this contest is among the main events during the festival.

Ahrianne Chrystel Torres from the Ramon M. Durano Sr. Foundation – STEC contingent was crowned the Karansa Festival Queen 2019.

She also bagged the following awards:

  • Miss Photogenic
  • Best in Costume
  • Best in Opening Production Number
  • Best in Group Performance
  • Best in Solo Performance

Maslog National High School‘s Jommah Leah Villas, who happens to be a personal bet, was the 1st Runner-Up and Kiyomi Ann Gomez of Beatriz D. Durano Memorial National High School got 2nd Runner-Up.

Joining this year’s Karansa Festival is a goal achieved, an entry ticked off my bucket list. It was a one-of-a-kind experience. I grew up joining and watching festivals in my hometown, and every experience always is overwhelming for me. The thrill and excitement is worth keeping.

What is your favorite festival? Care to share about it? Comment below.

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