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The best of best bloggers in Cebu
Elizah Marie dela Rosa

Blogger Spotlight: Elizah Marie of EM Web Journal

For this episode of the Blogger Spotlight. We are featuring Elizah Marie dela Rosa of EM’s Web Journal. She has been blogging for quite sometime now and has conquered the hearts of her readers. She mostly blog about something inspiring and something that could lighten up someone’s day.
Kris Wanders

Blogger Spotlight: Kristylle Gene of Kris Wanders

Ladies and gents, let's meet Kristylle Gene Carlos, the certified wanderlust behind Kris Wanders.
Sean Soliven

Blogger Spotlight: Sean Soliven of His Hidden Letters

Ladies and gents, let’s get to know more of Sean Soliven, aspiring songwriter, traveler and blogger behind His Hidden Letters
Laag Sparkles

Blogger Spotlight: Idas of Laag Sparkles

If you take time to stalk Laag Sparkles on Facebook, you will be able to see most of her travels and adventures. Aside from being book and an art lover, she is a certified travel junkie
Wellbein Borja

Blogger Spotlight: Wellbein Borja of Pergazine

This is the last installment of The Blogger Spotlight for April. It has been an exciting month so far and so as our featured blogger for this week. They say that passion and enthusiasm is the recipe for success, I can say that Wellbein Borja of Pergazine have both.
Glister del Socorro

Blogger Spotlight: Gly Gly of Chasing Potatoes

Gly Gly of Chasing Potatoes is a certified thrill and adventure-seeker and not only that, she got wicked skills in photography
Adrenaline Romance

Blogger Spotlight: Gian Carlo and Sheila of Adrenaline Romance

Team Sweetie is on an eternal quest, to feed their lust for adventure and thirst for adrenaline rush. They just don’t blog, this boyfriend-and-girlfriend tandem of adventure junkies tell mind-blowing and drooling stories of their outdoor adventures and misadventures.
Roneth Politud

Blogger Spotlight: Roneth Politud of The Fickle Feet

Ladies and gents, with no further adieu, let us all meet Roneth, the curious, the wanderlust and the blogger behind The Fickle Feet.
Issa Perez

Blogger Spotlight: Issa of Issaplease

Issa has been blogging for 11 amazing years and counting. Can you imagine that? Pretty cool, right? She mostly blogs about fashion and lifestyle and been featured in location publications.
Lloyd Chua

Blogger Spotlight: Lloyd Chua of LloydandBehold

To kick things off, Our featured blogger for this week is a certified fashionista. Lloyd Chua Leyte-born Civil Eng’g graduate mainly blogs about his adventures and misadventures too in fashion, photography and travel.

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