Trekking in Sumilon Island – 5 Reasons

Situated almost 125 km south of Cebu, the island of Sumilon is a 24-hectare coral island surrounded by pristine blue seas and a shifting white sandbar.

The serene and tranquil island is also the home of Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort, a Filipino-owned resort that is geared to showcase the best of Filipino culture and heritage. 

The resort offers varieties of amenities which everyone can enjoy as well as soak in the beauty of the island paradise.

Trekking in Sumilon Island

For someone who loves to hike and take long walks, the nature trail of the island is one activity that should not be missed. Suitable to almost everyone, this resort amenity is one of the many reasons why Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort stands out from the rest. 

Trekking in Sumilon Island - 5 Reasons

Want to know why you should go trekking in the island?

It’s a healthy and good way to start your day

You have a lot of options on how you want to start your day in the island. You can either go swimming or go biking but the perfect way for me to kick the day off is trekking.

The trail usually opens at 6AM so whether you’re a health buff or not, taking the trek does not only pump your day up but also allows you to feel the morning breeze as well as bask in the glory of the rising sun.

Trekking in Sumilon Island - 5 Reasons

Get in touch with nature

Aside from mirror-flat waters, the Sumilon Island boasts a thick protected forest. Along the trail, you will see different kind of trees that provides not just shade but as well as something that you can cling on to. You will also be able to spot various types of birds as you progress.

Mangroves and Lead trees (ipil ipil) are abundant in the area and they made up most of the island’s forest.

Trekking in Sumilon Island - 5 Reasons
At the heart of the island – Photo by Rea of Blissful Snapshots

Ge a glimpse of a very historic past

Halfway of the trail is where you will encounter an abandoned lighthouse and a watchtower (baluarte) ruins. It is said that the watchtower is part of the chain of watchtowers that Augustinian friar Julian Bermejo created, it stretches from Carcar all the way to Santander.

Along with the lighthouse, these watchtowers serves as a warning system against pillaging and invading Moors and pirates.

Trekking in Sumilon Island - 5 Reasons
The Baluarte and Parola in Sumilon Island – Photo by Jomar Lipon of Laagan Ko

The scenery is just photographic

For someone who loves to take photos, the trail provides a lot of good spots to take photos. Whether you’re into portraiture or into shooting scenery, the entire course of the trail has a lot of photographic spots.  Just be creative enough and utilize everything.

Trekking in Sumilon Island - 5 Reasons

Why not? 

Yeah, why not? As far as I know, taking the nature trail is the best way to explore and experience the island.

Though we only spent a day in the island yet we experienced pure bliss and it left something in us that had us thinking of going back and experience the island more.

Cant wait to experience the island?

You’re adventure starts here >>

You may call at:
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+639 98 964 1879 (Mobile) 

or visit their social media pages:

Twitter: @bluesumilon
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My last visit in the island was during our anniversary celebration for Cebu Content Creators and I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to Sir Eric and Miss Clang and the Bluewaters Resort group for hosting our celebration. 

Lastly, big thanks to the Bluewaters Sumilon Island staffs for the warmest hospitality. Amuma indeed.


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