Balay sa Busay: Filipino Cuisine on Top of the World

Nothing beats the taste of home.

For locals in Cebu, this still holds true despite the emergence of different cuisines and cultures brought on by its ever growing number of expats and tourists. Famous for its lechon, chicharon and seafood, Cebu continues to develop its cuisine through experimentation and constant exposure while keeping true to its roots.

Balay sa Busay

Rustic Interior 

Taking inspiration from the traditional bahay kubo, Balay sa Busay’s logo resembles the traditional nipa hut and also features large windows similar to older houses in the Philippines. The restaurant façade looks like a regular household and once you enter you’ll be greeted by a warm atmosphere, hospitality from the attendants and the smell of homecooked meals similar to that of one. 

Balay sa Busay

With high white ceilings and open-air veranda, the place looks like something straight from the old films – arge and grand easily capable of accommodating different sizes of groups. It’s very comfy and large, perfect for everything from family gatherings, dates and office functions.

As a matter of fact, Balay sa Busay has function rooms where you can hold private meetings and family functions. It’ll surely be a touch nostalgic, especially for the older generation, to sit in furniture similar to those of their time. 

However, what truly sets Balay sa Busay apart is its alfresco dining area. Spanning almost as long as the length of the house, its alfresco offers the opportunity for its diners to dine under the stars, breathing the clean and crisp air of the mountain and delighting in the view of the city lights. This area has dining set-up’s for big and small groups – perfect place for dates, don’t you think so?

Aside from the dining and seating area, Balay sa Busay goes further with its inclusive restroom and even playful restrooms. They have a designated restroom for people with disabilities, elderlies and pregnant women. Truly an accommodating place. 

Delightful and Innovative Food

With the homey and nostalgic atmosphere, Balay sa Busay brings it home with its dishes. Putting a modern twist to Filipino food, Balay sa Busay stays true to its roots with native ingredients found in Cebu. 

Balay sa Busay: Filipino Cuisine on Top of the World

They serve everything from chicken to seafood and of course, to Cebu’s famous protein – pork. To get the full experience, make sure to order the whole course, available for an affordable price! 

To start, tickle your taste buds with one of their best sellers such as Ang Paboritong Sisig ni Tatay (245) or their Pancit-Batil-Patong (P359), Pomelo Salad (P212) and Honey Chili Crablets (P185). Or if you need to combat the chill of the hills, warm up with their Lechon Tinola ni Lolo (P475). 

For the main course, enjoy their paella-inspired rice dishes, Pochero, Dinuguan and Pinakbet Rice (P415, P223 and P350, respectively). And fill your belly with their famous Adobong Binisaya ni Bebe (P435), Fried Tuna Buntot (P418) and Crispy Pata (P745), all of which are good for several people. 

And of course, they also offer cocktails and wines for relaxation under the stars.

In Summary 

Balay means home or house, thus directly translating Balay sa Busay to Home in Busay.

Located at the chilly hills of Barangay Busay, the restaurant offers a wide array of Filipino dishes served generously and warmly under the view of the clear night sky and with a view of metro Cebu’s city lights – a home away from home, a perfect place to visit. 

Balay sa Busay

How to get there?

Balay sa Busay is located at Tops Road, Brgy. Busay, Cebu City. From JY Mall in Lahug, you may opt by:

CAR: This is the best option if you have your own vehicle since the place is not commuter-friendly.

HABAL-HABAL: There are plenty of habal-habal (motorcycle for hire) in Lahug. You can hire them to send you off to the restaurant. P100 per head is the usual fare  going to Balay sa Busay.

 TAXI: Hiring a taxi is possible but most of them asks for an additional rate since the place is a bit far and most of the time, they are not getting any bookings going back. Just negotiate with them accordingly.

Planning to visit soon?

You may call them at 032 354 7169 or 0917 712 9816 or you may book your through their Facebook page, Balay Sa Busay. They are open from 10 AM to 11 PM, Mondays to Sundays. They are also accept exclusive bookings for any private gatherings such as  parties or events.

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