After a long hiatus in the gastronomy world, Food Diary is back and now part of Drift Stories.

Food Diary is a personal food blog owned and maintained by two pure-blooded Pinoy food enthusiasts, who happen to be aficionados for good food and great experiences.

About The Foodies

Jeanne is a full-time homemaker and a part-time bum (as she jokingly admits), but actually keeps herself busy watching cooking videos and rummaging for recipes during her free time. Herbert is the blog site’s developer and also a blogger at heart, who makes sure that the website is pleasant to the taste (or sight) of visitors worldwide.


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Work With Us

Here at Food Diary, we are open to any forms of sponsorship, collaboration and partnership as long as it’s about food and the likes. 

Interested? Shoot us a message.

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Baked Tahong

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Chicken Pandan

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