Anjo World: Cebu’s Ultimate Fun and Adventure Destination

A Snow World in the south?! Yes, you read it right! In Anjo World Theme Park, explore a realm of fantasy and fun.

Anjo World, a one of its kind theme park in Cebu, offers excellent attractions, entertainment, and adventures for everyone. Located in the commercial complex of Belmont One in Minglanilla, Southern Cebu, locals and international tourists would surely love the relaxing ambiance and leisure time around the place. After five years of preparation and establishment, Anjo World finally opened its door to the awaiting public on the 22nd of December, 2018. It features four zones—Africa, American, Asia, and Europe. Not only will your children enjoy this place, but they would also learn a great deal on the continents of the world. With its fantastic concept and rides, it has unquestionably established itself in the theme park industry with only a year of operation.

Top Attractions and Rides in Anjo World

But what does Anjo World really has to offer? Put on your winter coat, brace yourself, and worry no more as we take you to the rides and attractions of Anjo World.


The Boomerang is pendulum ride that is built and suited for those who wish to experience adrenaline-pumping and gravity-defying stunts. A frisbee ride making its passengers scream with thrill and excitement.

Space Shuttle

Up, up in the sky like a real spaceman! This ride makes your childhood dream of being an astronaut intense and wild.

Anjo World: Cebu's Ultimate Fun and Adventure Destination

Tower Drop

Appreciate the view as you rise from the ground because upon reaching the top, you will be screaming your fears out as this ride drop you from the 25-meter tower.

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Anjo Eye

Recently opened, the biggest Ferris wheel in the Visayas lets you adore the beautiful landscape of the area while in a spacious, air-conditioned unit.

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Bumper Boats

Dissipate the heat off in this floating ride. Taking inspiration from the Vatican, Italy, this canal-designed structure allows visitors to enjoy the structures as well as the water ride that comes with it.

Hip Hop

Hop and go with our go-go bouncer. Riders a giggled and bounced until laughter and smiles never seem to cease.

Snow World

Who would not love the idea of winter in the Philippines, right? Experience natural snow, a slide made of ice, gigantic ice sculpture, or just a sip of warm coffee or chocolate while enjoying this ice-cold experience.

Other Rides

  • Golden Carousel
  • Mr. Cup
  • Mr. Toad
  • London Taxi
  • Viking
  • The Pharaoh

Don’t Miss the Opportunity

People say you only live once, so you might as well take every fun opportunities that come your way! Though the Philippines has undoubtedly several amusement parks, more often than not, those parks are situated either in Manila or in the Luzon areas. Anjo World conquered this reality as it established itself in the Visayas region.

As a world-class theme park that is comparable to the Star City of the North, Anjo World provides a more budget-friendly option for families and barkadas who want to experience a once in a lifetime bonding and fun! People from Visayas and Mindanao do not need to spend additional money on airfare and lodging because the Anjo World itself moved closer to them.

Visiting the continents has never been this easy. What else are you waiting for? Call your friends and families, pack your things, and head straight to the Anjo world Theme Park located very close to the Queen City of the South!


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