6 Tips For Visiting Seychelles On A Budget

For decades, the beautiful Seychelles islands have been a mainstay of glossy tourist magazines. Comprising 155 islands emerging from the Indian Ocean, this perfect getaway is the ideal spot to explore untouched rainforests, white-sand coastlines, impressive granite cliffs, and breathtaking turquoise seas. 

However, many people believe that the only way to experience the allure of the islands is by winning the lottery or having a ton of money. A trip to one of these jewels of the Indian Ocean is undoubtedly doable with the kind of cash you’d get if you won the jackpot. All-inclusive vacations at some of its most exclusive resorts may cost up to USD$35,000 per guest per week. 


The good news is that you can explore the islands of Seychelles without breaking the bank. There’s a vast choice of reasonably priced accommodation options. You can also save on food if you dine like the locals.

If you aim to tick off this island in your travel bucket list, here are the best budget-friendly ideas for visiting Seychelles.

Visit During The Off-Peak Season

The off-peak seasons may be the best times to travel to the Seychelles if you’re on a budget. The off-peak season runs from October through April. You can experience pleasant temperatures and occasional sunny spots. 

Moreover, off-peak travel is advantageous since flights and lodging costs are lower. Several hotels have off-season deals at discounted prices if you book your trip during the lean months.

  Pick The Island For You

There are three major islands in the Seychelles, which you can visit at reasonable prices. Mahe is the biggest and most populous island in the region. There you’ll also find the capital city of Victoria. Mahe is also the gateway for international flights. 

As the biggest island in Seychelles, Mahe has many options for lodging, grocery shopping, and eating out, including the Victoria market. Thanks to the island’s excellent public transportation infrastructure, it’s also easy to navigate around Mahe. 

Praslin, the country’s second-largest island and around 50 kilometers northeast of Mahe, is another worthwhile stop. It has a considerably more laid-back atmosphere than Mahe, which you may immediately notice as soon as you begin exploring the island. Moreover, Praslin is known for its gorgeous Anse Lazio beach, a protected cove, and famous for its postcard scenery.

The third island, La Digue, is located 12 kilometers east of Praslin. It’s also just a 15-minute boat ride between the two islands. Thanks to the shortage of city lights on La Digue, you can spend the whole night stargazing from any location on the island.

Moreover, La Digue is a good option if you plan to spend more than a few days in the country. It’s a more affordable place to stay in this area than Mahe. The lower rates at the hotel will make up for the higher expense of taking the boat.

Opt For A Self-Catering Apartment

Lodging is the most significant factor when arranging a trip to the Seychelles. Due to the island’s popularity as a honeymoon destination, accommodation may be a little pricey and out of your budget. Fortunately, the island has an abundance of low-cost self-catering accommodations.

A basic self-catering apartment will cost between USD$30USD and USD$45 per night. You’ll also have access to a television, complimentary breakfast, and an air-conditioned room. These apartments also feature a kitchen which you can use during your stay.

A self-catering unit is the most excellent option for those on a tight budget since it enables you to make your meal. Hence, it will also reduce your food expenditure. This type of accommodation also works if you have strict diet restrictions

Rentals for two in Mahe start at around USD$50 per night. In both La Digue and Praslin, self-catered accommodation for two costs USD$40 a night. The rate usually includes breakfast.

Eat Like A Local

Seychelles is a great place to dine, but it’s crucial to keep an eye on your wallet while you’re there. Restaurants in resorts are, of course, pricey. However, several inexpensive coastal eateries and booths are scattered around the islands. There you can have a hearty traditional lunch for about USD$ 8and USD$11. 

Remember that Seychelles lacks international fast-food outlets. The Victoria Markets in Mahé is a great place to acquire reasonably priced food to prepare at your accommodation or order from a restaurant. Additionally, Praslin has numerous mini-marts where you can purchase ingredients to cook if you want to stay in self-catering accommodations. 

Bring Your Own Instead Of Buying There

Bringing your toiletries and medicine is unquestionably among the most essential and practical ideas for visiting Seychelles on a budget. Remember to get all your personal hygiene products and medications from home rather than buy them in Seychelles. 

Prices might be much higher in Seychelles since everything you’ll find there is imported from various locations. 

Moreover, bottled water isn’t cheap. Additionally, unlike in other cities, no street-side water fountains are provided on the islands. So, before you go out to tour the place, be sure you always have a full bottle of water with you. 


Tour On Your Own

When vacationing in the Seychelles, you may be tempted to consider a travel company to arrange your tours. But the islands can be effortlessly explored on your own without the assistance of a tour guide. 

Praslin, La Digue, and La Mahe are tourist-friendly and easy to explore. In addition, they offer several transportation choices that eliminate the necessity for a travel agency or a private vehicle. 

If you’re interested in visiting Curieuse or St. Pierre, you’ll have to arrange a day trip, which will run you between USD$40 to USD$45 per head. However, these islands may not be worth the time and expense for those on a budget.

La Digue has more than enough breathtaking landscapes for you to enjoy. You can observe Giant Turtles wandering the area. It will be wise if the chosen locations can be reached by public transport or near each other to avoid additional transportation expenses.

Plan Your Visit in Seychelles

Visiting Seychelles is pricey, but that doesn’t mean it must be. Proper planning and picking suitable activities are the keys to keeping your spending under control. The islands offer a plethora of free activities to choose from, such as relaxing on one of the beautiful beaches, admiring the stunning sunsets, or wandering the streets of Victoria. Take advantage of free things to do. And stay away from pricey resorts and restaurants. 

You can still visit this dreamy destination without creating a dent in your finances. 

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