4 Food Destinations For Your Next Sydney Trip

Taking a trip to another country is exciting, primarily because of the new experiences waiting for you. And hands down, one of the best experiences for travelers is sampling the local cuisine. One destination, Sydney in particular, has a bountiful fare that different palates will appreciate.

Whether you’re a foodie or a picky eater, you’ll find something to your liking. The following are locations in Sydney where you’ll find sumptuous dishes that will enrich your holiday.

 Food Destinations

Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour is a popular area for delicious breakfasts. You can find sumptuous meals served in a family-friendly cafe inside the Harbourside Shopping Centre. It serves some of Australia’s favorites like avocado on toast, chicken parmigiana, and schnitty.

There is also another cafe that has been around for as long as 80 years and was visited by both artists and royalty. The café serves Tiger Pie, an iconic favorite. It has been maintaining its tradition of serving fresh pies daily.

Overlooking Darling Harbour is a busy combination of bars and restaurants where diners can enjoy Australian brunches, lunches, and dinners. If you like dining while enjoying the sight of a beautiful harbor amid a buzzing atmosphere, then this one is for you. You can head over to the central bar to relax and drink right after a meal.

While away from Sydney, it’s worth mentioning that you can also have a hearty breakfast on Bourke street Melbourne. An elegant 1930s-themed restaurant offers you a luxurious, high-quality dining experience and sumptuous meals with a combination of Australian and European influences.

You can enjoy the complete Australian buffet option of hot dishes, omelets, freshly baked bread, and muffins.

Surry Hills

If the thought of sumptuous grilled and barbecued meats and seasonal ingredients whets your appetite, you’ll like what Surry Hills offers. It’s truly a place to start when you’re on a luxury trip to the Land Down Under.

You can find one of the best restaurants on Mary Street where the menu of steak, fish, and vegetables meet the open fire to perfection. Everything is cooked in wood-fired ovens, grills, and hearths using no gas or electricity. Diners can anticipate their food as the layout of the restaurant allows them a view of the action in the kitchen.

If you want a taste of cuisine with Moroccan, Middle East, and Spanish influences, visit a staple place at Foster Street that serves the best local produce and wine pairings. Choose between ala carte and feast menu categories featuring spatchcocks, lamb rumps, and smoky beef. Enjoy your meal with choices of champagne, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay from various locations around the world.

At Commonwealth Street, you can find another open-fire kitchen that prepares barbecued oysters, fermented potato bread, anchovy toast, and other unique dishes. They also serve a variety of European wines that you can pair with savory meals.

Bondi Beach

Sydney is known for its fantastic scenery that a few dining locations can take advantage of. Beachside restaurants offer a view of the harbor and the famed Sydney Opera House.

If you’re craving freshly made pasta, sourdough pizza, and gelato, you’ll be delighted to find several restaurants and diners in Bondi Beach serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner in modern seasonal cuisine prepared the Italian way. Dining rooms are also designed to allow diners a mesmerizing view of the sunset while savoring authentic Italian dishes.

The menu typically offers a shifting seasonal special to give Australian diners a chance to enjoy the best of Italian fare. It includes artisanal produce and sustainable seafood choices. Native Australian products also find their way into the menu to give it a familiar hint for the local palate.

After enjoying the food, you can head to any of the bars in the area to try seasonal cocktails while enjoying the waterscape.

Food Destinations


Located at Chapel Street in Darlinghurst is a fun and off-beat eatery where Australians and guests can enjoy casual dining of American-style hot wings. If you don’t know where to start your food adventure, you’ll be glad to know that this place serves the simple but delicious chicken wings that you know and love.

You might find it quite intriguing that several Darlinghurst restaurants feature fusions of different cuisines, such as Japanese-French, European-Thai, Indian-inspired, and Thai-Vietnamese. Here you’ll find an eclectic mix of flavors and aromas that you’ve never encountered before.

To sum up, Darlinghurst is a food destination that definitely won’t disappoint.


Australia has a vast menu of different cuisines for various travelers looking for a delicious dining experience, whether for casual enjoyment or the luxurious kind. Being a tourist city, Sydney has a lot to offer. With various nationalities and cultures flocking to the area, those in the food industry made it possible to have a little of everything. Look for reviews and raves of the best spots in Sydney to get the best of what this vibrant city can offer.


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