Hawaii Adventure: 9 Stunning Places to Stop by On your Visit to Kauai 

Last updated on February 7th, 2021 at 09:50 pm

Planning on visiting Hawaii? You surely want to stop by the island of Kauai. The Garden Island, as it is often referred to, is part of the Hawaiian archipelago.

It is the fourth largest of the eight main islands that make up the area. So you can anticipate a lot of fun sights to see and things to do for visitors to the region. The link here https://bestthingstodoinkauai.com has suggestions on some of the best things to do when in Kauai. If you have Kauai penned down for your next vacation spot, below are 10 places you want to visit before the end of the trip.


Na Pali Coast State Park 

With a lot of Instagram worthy locations to capture the best cliff images on the planet, this place is a must-stop if you want the best of dramatic mountain scenery. The mountains are high, the vegetation is plush, the water is sky blue, at least that how you picture it from an aerial view. There is a lot to experience in this part of the island. And you can best capture all of it from a boat or helicopter.

Wailua Falls

Nature has a lot to offer you here at Wailua Falls. The exciting part is there is a history of the twin waterfall, and you can expect to learn about it on the guided hiking or kayak tour provided to tourists. You get to know about its sacred history on your five-hour journey while also exploring all the area has to offer.


If you love to run around or relax on a fine sandy beach with a scenic twist, you will surely enjoy your time in Hanalei. The small village situated towards the north coast of Kauai has a few tourist worthy sites you surely want to check out.

The Waioli Mission House, which dates back to 1841, is one of the area’s attractions. The Hanalei lookout has the finest view of the area, so if you want to take some memorable photos while in the region, you should get to this part of the valley.

Makua Beach 


Situated in the northern region of Kauai, Makua Beach is the best in the area for snorkeling. So if this is on your list while on vacation, you want to stop here to experience the clear waters. The coral reef here is large enough that you can view it way up in the sky.

You don’t have to get on a helicopter to enjoy the view of the area, but you do have to deal with parking as you could get fined for leaving your vehicles along the road. Once you can locate the access roads, you’ve done all the hard part there is to enjoy your time here. You can check this website for fun things to do on a trip to the beach.

Waimea Canyon

Mostly referred to as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, the Waimea is one of the most iconic views you can find in all of Hawaii. From the water, which appears reddish, black volcanic rocks that makes for a picturesque appeal, and the green jungles that adorn the area, there is a lot to offer for the adventurous tourist. And you only get to experience all the magic on your stop at the Waimea Canyon. You should be ready for a good deal of hiking as soon as you get on sight. But not to worry, it would be worth your while.

Poipu Beach 

At the South Region of Kauai is the Poipu Beach, and if you are looking for some of the best accommodations Kauai has to offer, you want to check this area. The blue water is also highly inviting for surfers and swimmers. And you can also engage in beach sport with many rental services available to provide you with the gear you need. Dubbed as one of the tourist beaches in America by Travel Channel, you can be sure there won’t be a dull moment.

Polihale State Park 

Of the coast of the Na Pali is the Polihale State Park. In addition to the coastline’s stunning views, tourists can also enjoy a relaxing time at the beach. Swimming or surfing in this area is not recommended if you need a lifeguard around. Also, locating the site could be a bit challenging without a local guide. But you can be sure there is a lot of adventure in store for you in this part of Na Pali.

Opaekaa Falls 

At East, Kauai is Opaekaa Falls, an ideal destination for tourists looking to enjoy natural waterfalls and other side attractions that come with them. The Opaekaa Falls, named after its history with shrimps that used to be the residents at its base, has several trails that lead into this part of East Kauai. You want to be wary of the hidden ones that aren’t maintained as they have been known to cause accidents in the past.


Spouting Horn 

In South Kauai is Spouting Horn. The famous blowhole along Lawa’i Road can also be worth checking out if you are in the area. Like every blowhole, it is caused by a massive tide sweeping against a lava shelf with a hole in it. As the water sweeps underneath it, it shoots water into the air. And the presence of an additional hole that also sends sound waves into the air as the water rises makes this one different from others.

Final Note 

Kauai is known to be one of the top tourist destinations for visitors to Hawaii. From scenic environments that make you relax and enjoy the perfect vacation to activities that make it the ideal getaway, there is something fun for everyone to do.

So whether you are a couple looking for romantic, or a family looking for fun-ic, you can expect there to be a lot of memories on this trip. Remember to pack your outdoor essentials such as cameras, hiking boots, swimsuits, shades, and sunscreen (if visiting in summer).

The locals are friendly and willing to assist you in any way they can. There is also good internet reception and different tiers of accommodation available. So finding the perfect stay shouldn’t be an issue.




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