Staying Clean With Travel Wipes

A travel wipe, also known as a wet wipe or wet towel, can be described as a single piece of fabric, cloth or plastic that has been already moistened and prepared to be used against the skin, cleaning it out from the dirt, sweat, and other substances that may be considered unhygienic.

Most people would link wet towels with baby wipes, which most parents use to clean their babies when they have can’t bathe them. Now, people have found new uses to wet wipes, with it being an effective way to maintain yourself clean when taking a bath is not possible.

Let’s admit it, sometimes we are too busy to just take a bath, or we are not in a position where we can decide when we want to take one. Thankfully, we can find many options on the market that appeal to different types of people.

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A good example of these useful pieces of cloth is travel wipes, which were specifically made for those who tend to travel a lot and miss out on the opportunity of taking a good bath. For travel enthusiasts who like to lose themselves in the road, these are probably the best option they can find when it comes to towels.

Of course, although pretty similar, the wet wipes you can find may share different similarities. Baby wipes, for example, can be different from those towels you can find for adults. Here’s more detailed information about it.

It’s all about what they contain, and knowing it beforehand can help you decide whether you should use them or not, and that’s why we will talk a little about the advantages and disadvantages of using them.

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Talking About the Good and the Bad

Depending on the type of wipes you get, you may find some very useful ones that are actually pretty good when it comes to cleaning out your body. Most wet wipes for adults are really good at dealing with bacteria, dirt, sweat, and other nasty substances that you definitely not want in your body.

Still, you should check out what the wipe contains. The components used to moisturize them are pretty important to know because some of them can be harmful to the skin if used excessively.

Most of the time, a wet wipe containing such components are not made to be used regularly, and they contain them to get rid of bacteria, so take that in mind. You can find more information in this article

Thankfully, travel wipes are not like that. They are meant to be used regularly, since keeping your body clean is an important part of living. Of course, they are still effective against harmful components found in daily occurrences, but they are not as strong, so they don’t affect the skin that much.

In fact, some are so good that they are actually good for your skin, which can help it keep moisturized.

Back in the day, wet wipes were believed to be harmful to the environment, since they lasted a long time since they were partially non-biodegradable. That, plus the amount of these towels that are constantly used every day, made them a no-good alternative for many.

Thankfully, substitutes like Goodwipes for travel created eco-friendly travel wipes that are not as harmful as other options on the market. Nowadays, you can find biodegradable stuff almost everywhere, so that’s a big plus to consider.

Still, Are They Worth It?

I would say it depends on the one asking. Travel wipes can be a miraculous solution for those who enjoy traveling while stuck on the thrill of not knowing what might happen next. Those travelers who like to get on the road with a goal in specific, but no plans on how to get there but to trust on the road ahead, can find them as important as drinking water.

For those who can decide when they can take a good bath with hot water and music to enjoy the moment, might not need them as much.

Still, for busy people who tend to go on business travel every now and then, they are still a good alternative for when taking a bath seems impossible.

Since maintaining yourself clean is a necessity, there’s no shame in using a wet wipe to get the job done until a bath is possible!


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