Simple Things to Enjoy When You Stay in a Launceston Accommodation

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Launceston is an island state in Australia that is outside of the mainland. Learn more about Launceston on this page. Sometimes, many tourists don’t feel like going because of the lack of access to this pleasant town. But if you decide to go, you can be rewarded with breath-taking landscapes and rich sceneries that will make you feel tranquil and refreshed.

For those who are not sure if the trip is worth it, here’s a brief history of Launceston. The place is located in the Northern tip of Tasmania and is one of the state’s major cities. The other is Hobart, which is located in the southernmost part. Since this is one of the oldest European settlements, it is known for its beautifully preserved historic buildings and amazing food.

The streets in the area are artful, and many considered the parks to be lush with greenery. The features are thriving with an excellent hike, coffee, great food, and connectedness to nature that a big city won’t be able to give.


This area is accessible by plane, and it’s just a short flight away from one of the major cities like Brisbane, Sydney, or Melbourne. You can always book lodgings in advance by calling Country Club accommodation and make the necessary arrangements when you arrive. The places where you stay can offer you plenty of amenities like swimming pools, internet, bars, and airport shuttles. You can find a site that is at the center of Launceston city and near the outer towns.

What to Bring with You?

You may be surprised that the weather can drastically change because of the temperate rainforests. Be sure to check the weather before booking a hotel and bring a coat if necessary. Pack some layers of clothes that will keep you warm throughout your stay. You can always shed your coats after a long hike, but a waterproof windbreaker in the morning will never hurt. The rainforests can drench you in the time that you least expect it to, so bring umbrellas for protection.

Staying and Accommodations

As mentioned, you can book a country club in advance during your stay in Launceston. Choose one that can give you plenty of amenities and get a fantastic experience and service from the staff. Many people rate their stay on Tripadvisor 4-stars, so you may want to check the ones with excellent feedback.

Every person you meet will be helpful, and some will be so proud of their cities that they are willing to answer your questions quickly. You can mingle with the residents outside of your hotel or lodgings and let them give you a tour. Some people are willing to go above and beyond your expectations if you befriend them.

What to Do when you are in Launceston

1. Grab a Cup of Coffee

You may want to go to Sweetbrew on your first morning in Launceston to keep you awake and energized. Tasmania’s incredible coffee culture is popular and well-known in other parts of the country, and the cafes live up to the hype. Others find the local cafes a perfect hangout area for tourists and hipsters, so it’s an interesting place to meet new people. While you are enjoying a perfectly crafted coffee, you may also want to give their summer cakes made with berries a try.

2. Eat Breakfast

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Breakfasts at a new place are something, and when you try what the locals have to offer, you may never want to go home. There are a lot of doughnuts available at the place if your sweet tooth is craving something. If you are the type who tries to be healthy, you are always welcome to a bowl of gluten-free breakfasts from a local farm near your accommodations.

While you are at it, make sure that you get a bottle of manuka honey that will cure any ailments. If you have a kitchen at your accommodations, it’s best to get a couple of hot-smoked salmon, freshly cured meats, fresh fruits, berries, and cheese so that you can enjoy a simple picnic afterward.

3. Take a Trip to the Cataract Gorge

If you find yourself hungry in the middle of the day, have picnic lunches at the Cataract Gorge. Read more about the gorge on this page here: This park is located at the center of Launceston. To start your way through this amazing park, you’ll have to traverse scenic pathways called King’s Bridge.

You can be near the edge of the South Esk River, the northernmost part of the gorge’s basin. There’s a swimming pool available on the other side of the bridge that you can always take a dip into when you go there in the summer months.

4. Ride the Chairlift

Want to see something more scenic? Then take a ride on the old chairlift that was built in 1972! It’s open, and you can enjoy a ride or two regardless if you are the only person around. You can swing your feet, giggle your way across the gorge, and laugh at your heart’s content as the chair lifts you higher.

When you get to the other side of the chairlift, you may want to explore the small cottage restaurants and landscaped Victorian gardens afterward. You can be lucky to find wild animals and exotic flora in the sceneries.

5. Visit the Queen Victoria Art Gallery

If you are visiting Launceston and you are near the metro, take some time off to admire Australian Art through the Queen Victoria Museum. If you are interested in paintings and sculptures, you may find some distinctions between Australian and European art and know more about Tasmania history. Many art pieces inside the museum focus on convict history in Tasmania and strange craft produced by incarcerated people.

These are just some of the things that you can do in Tasmania. The wonders of historic streets can continue to amaze you, and you’ll get to appreciate the feel of Australia as it faces the turn of the century. The next thing you should focus on is enjoying everything and ensuring that your stay will become memorable.


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