5 Mistakes to Avoid when Choosing a Milwaukee Wedding Venue

Wedding Venue

Are you walking down the aisle soon? If so, you must be looking at venues before focusing on other elements such as décor, music, and catering.

Nevertheless, plenty of couples rush through this phase, hence making multiple mistakes and choosing an unfitting locale. Brides- and grooms-to-be are supposed to take their time and analyze each aspect in order to host the wedding venue of their dreams.

These are the five most common mistakes to avoid when choosing a venue in Milwaukee.

Making no appointment before visiting the place

A common mistake couples make when looking at Milwaukee wedding venues is scheduling no appointment before showing up at the place. The majority of future brides and grooms think it’s absolutely normal to tour such locales without announcing their visit over the phone or e-mail.

Wedding salespeople are supposed to be notified about your visit in order to spare time and prepare the place for a tour. By scheduling an appointment, you’ll allow these professionals to present the locale and their services in detail, leaving no questions unanswered. In fact, one of the initial tasks on the to-do list of wedding planners is making appointments with different venues to take couples for a tour. See this link to learn everything you need to know about hiring a wedding planner.

Making a choice based on photographs

Another mistake Milwaukee couples are strongly advised to avoid is choosing a venue based on nothing but photographs. Busy couples tend to waste no time on touring event centers, hence ending up upset when setting foot in the locale on their big day. In such moments, blaming the wedding planner won’t do any good, as you probably refused the invitation of the planner to take a real-life instead of an online tour.

Moreover, photographs posted on the official sites of wedding venues should be taken with a grain of salt, as these often create a false impression. Even if the photos aren’t airbrushed, the place might seem huge or overly small when compared to its real size. Therefore, couples are recommended to always visit the locales instead of relying on photographs, even if the venues are located in another city.

Wedding Venue

Not checking all wedding venue details

Due to the unbearable pressure felt during the wedding-planning process, most couples neglect some crucial details related to venues, such as food, parking, and restrooms. For instance, tasty food is an essential aspect of a lovely wedding reception, as guests wish to have a wonderful time while being served a delicious meal. If the venue provides catering itself, make sure you and your loved one taste the dishes in order to avoid disappointment.

Another aspect Milwaukee couples neglect is the parking of locales. Reputable event centers, such as St James wedding venue, are expected to provide multiple parking options and valet parking for the guests. Your guests should enjoy the reception to the fullest without having a single worry about the safety of their automobiles.

Perhaps the most neglected feature when looking at such locales is the cleanliness of the restrooms. It’s paramount for guests to feel comfortable when going to the toilets, not disgusted by the lack of hygiene and the awful smell.

Don’t forget the weather

The weather is worth considering when planning the reception, as it can easily ruin your big day and unsettle everyone. Most couples don’t even consider having a backup plan in the event of heavy rain, extreme heat, or high wind.

Indoor locales are the safest alternative when it comes to preventing a weather disaster, as these protect guests from unfavorable weather elements. Nevertheless, brides- and grooms-to-be getting married in summer prefer outdoor venues without considering the risk of sudden summer rain. Hence, make sure the locale provides a tent if the rain has no intention to stop.

Additionally, couples tying the knot in fall might cope with unusually cold temperatures, which is why locales should be equipped with heaters for this purpose. Follow this link, https://www.wikihow.com/Plan-a-Fall-Wedding, for tips about planning a fall wedding.


A personal tour is each venue is essential for couples about to get married.

Remember, a backup plan is always appreciated!


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