Rental Storage Tips That Can Come in Handy

Last updated on October 31st, 2018 at 11:17 pm

When you run out of space, rental storage units can be the ideal choice. Renting one isn’t too expensive and it can be the perfect way to store the things that you don’t need right away. If you are planning to rent one, there are a couple of things that you should learn first. Be aware of these tips will come in handy the next time you deal with a rental storage unit.

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Compare offers

When you are looking for storage units you should compare more options before you finally choose one. This way you can be sure that you make the right choice when it comes to the conditions and the price. For example, we recommend that you take a look at public storage seattle to see some good offers.

Protect your things

You should keep your things off the floor if you can. Your items might not be protected if they are placed directly on the floor because melting snow or other spills could get to them and damage the.


You might leave your items in your storage unit for a longer period of time. Therefore, you should make sure that dust doesn’t get to them. Wrapping can be very efficient in this situation. As long as you wrap them tightly, nothing will get to them. You should use plastic wrap for this process.

Organisation is everything

Even if your storage unit is a small one, this does not mean that you can’t get a lot of stuff in there. It is important to know how to arrange them. You should take advantage of all the space you have, and this means stacking items to the ceiling.

Keep in mind the temperature as well

Based on the place where you are storing your items, the weather can represent a huge risk factor. If your items are not fragile, then you have nothing to worry about. However, if you use that unit to store electronics, photos, or even clothes, then extreme heat and cold can be extremely damaging. You might need to double wrap certain things or insulate them


You should not forget about labels. You might think that you know where everything is placed now, but if you come back in a couple of months you will realise that your memory is not as good as you were thinking. If you return looking for a certain item, you do not want to go through all the boxes until you find it. This is why you should label everything.

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