5 Hot Spots In Las Vegas For Sports Lovers

Las Vegas isn’t all about the shining lights, provocative clubs, and expensive casinos. There’s a plethora of sports attractions in the city of lights as well, calling to the most ardent sports fans. These five spots are a must-see for any sports fanatics visiting Vegas.

The Still Sports Bar

If you’re a fan of sports bars, there are dozens of them within the Vegas city limits. However, you don’t just want any hole-in-the-wall place to share booze and sports with your friends. The Still is one of the most rustic and attractive Las Vegas Sports Bars, with a dedication to craft beers and a “man cave” type atmosphere. Located in the heart of the famous Mirage Hotel on the Vegas strip, it’s a spot you don’t want to miss.

The Still Sports Bar

With 27 TVs in an 8,000 square foot area, there’s plenty of space and plenty of viewing opportunities. The kitchen itself is made of a refurbished American Airstream trailer. The house selection features over 50 craft beer choices and an extensive menu.

Paiute Golf Course

25 minutes northwest of the Vegas strip lies an oasis in the sand; the Paiute Golf Resort. This beautiful resort lies in the heart of the desert, providing an oasis-type atmosphere with three sprawling golf courses, “Snow Mountain”, “Sun Mountain”, and “The Wolf”.

Paiute Golf Course

Each course features 18 holes and a unique layout, offering a different golfing experience for each one. It’s like being at three different resorts at the same time! The Paiute even hosts tournament and events. Several golf tournaments have been held there, and you can book the banquet room for private events and parties.

Should you find yourself hungry during your visit to Paiute, the resort features a bar and grill, featuring an extensive lunch and breakfast menu that includes everything from cheeseburgers and wraps to salads and sandwiches. The atmosphere itself is enough to make anyone want to sit down and have a drink, with a laid-back environment and excellent view of the Nevada countryside.

Fanzz Sports Apparel

Fanzz is a sports apparel shop located on Meadows Lane in Las Vegas, and boasts an impressive inventory of various sports apparel, from t-shirts and hoodies to sports memorabilia and gifts. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable, and if there’s something you can’t find in the store, chances are it can be ordered for you.

If you want to leave Las Vegas with a great sports souvenir, this is the place to get it.

Fanzz Sports Apparel

The brand boasts over 85 stores in several states, and adheres strictly to a code of quality and customer service. Since 1985, the brand has grown to become on of the largest and most widespread sports apparel distributors in the nation. With relationships with companies like Nike and Adidas, you can find all manner of licensed gear at great prices.

Las Vegas Motor Speedway

The ultimate Vegas destination for sports and racing fans alike is the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The speedway features nine different race tracks and three unique driving experiences. You can get behind the wheel of a luxurious sports car like a Ferrari, or speed down the track in the famous stock car-style of NASCAR. Each driving experience is attended by an expert driver, who will sit in the passenger seat as you put the gas pedal to the floor like the pros.


The complex is located about 15 miles from the Las Vegas strip, with the first race there being held in September of 1996. The speedway has an long list of races ranging from stock car racing to dirt and indy car races. In fact, the first race ever held there was an indy car race, won by Richie Hearn. Several big names in Nascar have won races at this iconic speedway, including Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson.

On your way out, be sure to check out the gift shop for awesome historical facts and race memorabilia for the whole family.

Las Vegas Ballpark

Although not officially slated to open until April of 2019, this under-construction baseball stadium is being slated as the new home for the Las Vegas Aviators. The construction began in mid 2018 and it intended to be set to open for the beginning of the Aviator’s 2019 season.

Las Vegas Ballpark

The project is being funded by the Howard Hughes Corporation, and is estimated to cost in upwards of $150 million by its completion in 2019. The idea for the stadium came after numerous complaints about the team’s old stadium, Cashman Field. The poor construction and relatively dirty environment was not popular among ball fans, and finally the decision was made to create a new stadium. The team itself also got a new name, switching from the “51’s” to the “Aviators”.

Whether you’re a minor or major league baseball fan, the new stadium will have all the bells and whistles one could expect from Wrigley or or Dodger Stadium.

Las Vegas Likes Sports, Too

When someone mentions Las Vegas, we often think of the lights, casinos, and hustle and bustle of the Vegas strip; but Vegas has a sports history as well, particularly with racing. The Las Vegas Motor Speedway is one of many racetracks in the area. And although the city itself doesn’t have a major league baseball team, the stadiums are home to their minor league teams. If you’re planning a trip with a sports fan to Las Vegas, these attractive destinations are sure to ignite the sports fan in you.

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