Best Beaches in Kauai

Best Beaches in Kauai

There is no denying that Hawaii is an absolutely gorgeous spot to take a vacation. As summer rapidly approaches, that’s something on a lot of our minds. Where should we go this year?

Well, if Hawaii is your top choice, you might be wondering which island you should go to. There are plenty – Maui and Oahu might be the first to come to mind. However, you might find that Kauai has a lot to offer too, since it is less touristy and crowded.

If you’ve never heard of it before, you can see some more information at this link: It’s a beautiful island filled with beaches. Let’s talk about some of the best ones you can visit.

Poipu Beach

This beach is on the south side of the island. One of its best features is the crescent shaped bays – there are two of them! It’s a great spot if you want to go snorkeling due to the wide diversity of sea creatures that call it home or visit.

Something else that’s great about it is that there are lifeguards on duty. That makes it quite safe. Other amenities include pavilions and picnic tables, and even showers. These features make it a nice spot to enjoy if you’re interested in staying modern and comfortable. After all, not all locations offer them.

Brennecke’s Beach

This one neighbors our entry above. It’s also along the south of the island. It might be small, but that does not lessen its appeal! It is certainly amongst the most beautiful sights on Kauai, and particularly fun for anyone who enjoys boogie boarding!

Honestly, I prefer going to these little, more obscure locations. They feel a lot less like a tourist attraction, and more like a natural sight to behold and enjoy. If you agree with me, this might be a good option for you. It’s not as modernized as Poipu, so it might give you a more authentic experience if that is what you want.

Glass Beach

This is one of our more unique entries on this list. That stems from the fact that it’s actually near a bunch of industrial sites. Within the sand is a large amount of polished glass.

Because it’s polished, it’s not dangerous. Instead, it’s just a very pretty sight to see. While the trip there is not exactly scenic given the industrialism going on nearby, that doesn’t detract from the great view once you arrive.

If you reach down and scoop up a handful of the sand, you’ll see multicolored glass. You can even sift it out and take it home with you, if you want a nice and natural souvenir! Overall, it can absolutely be a great place to enjoy your vacation this summer.

Best Beaches in Kauai

Salt Pond Beach

This is a very popular beach in Hawaii and deserving of its number two spot for the ones in Kauai. You can look at some potential activities you might enjoy here: Salt Pond is large, with three swimming areas.

There’s a spot for children, as well as the center bay, and an area that is closer to the airport. The latter is probably the best place to snorkel if you visit this one. This is because it is generally calmer and quieter, so there is less to scare away the marine life. It is also where some of the coral reefs are, which are fun to explore during a snorkeling session.

It also has amenities like Poipu, but in greater number. No need to worry about using the restroom or where you can eat your lunch. Enjoy modern comforts and beautiful sights at the same time!

Lawa’i Beach

Here we are – I have saved the best for last. Obviously, my choice is subjective. I chose the best beach to go snorkeling at, since that is my favorite part of going to the ocean. Exploring the Pacific isn’t something I get to do often since I live on the East Coast, so I like to make the most of it!

Sea turtles are the most exciting sight you could find, but there are also eels and fish too.

If you enjoy diving, this is the spot for you!

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