4 Clever Ways to Use Bacon Jam

Bacon jam was once just a fun food to try as a novelty, but it’s quickly becoming a kitchen staple for many. Its unique mix of sweet and savory, the smoky taste that lingers, and the easy application make a perfect sauce to add to any dish.

If you’re unsure how to use it outside of the apparent toast and bagels, here are four ways you can use it that will make your dishes sing!

bacon jam

Grilling Adventurously

Getting outside and cooking on a hot grill is part of America’s culinary identity. We love welcoming summer weather with tasty cooked meats that are both crispy and juicy. But, unfortunately, many people don’t realize that this is the perfect way to caramelize jams onto your meat!

Prepare your burgers, pork chops, or steak how you usually do, and start grilling. After the first flip, spread some bacon jam onto one side of the meat. Since it’s hot, the jam will stick better. When you flip the final time, you can add jam to the other side of the meat. This will form a sweet and crispy, yet bacon-infused, glaze on the meat to take it to another level.

Mixing Into Sauces

If you love french fries or other delicious foods made to be dipped into the sauce, you need bacon jam in your life. You can mix bacon jam with ketchup for a sweet and savory sauce that will be leagues ahead of any barbecue sauce. For an exciting twist on salad dressing, you can add jam to the vinaigrette and pour over greens to add a tangy and delicious flavor you can’t find elsewhere.

Surprising Classic Sandwiches

Bacon jam shouldn’t be the only thing on your bread. If you love using it on toast: consider having it on a peanut butter sandwich. This unique mix will excite and tease the taste buds with the perfect amount of salty, sweet, and savory.

You can also spread it onto breakfast sandwiches, lunchmeat sandwiches, and almost anything else that combines bread and meat. Although most people see the word ‘jam’ and think sweet, it’s okay to lean savory and enjoy the full spectrum of foods and flavors available! If you want to thrill your kids, add it to grilled cheese! Bread and jam are made for each other.

Incredible Roasted Veggies

Vegetables are missing in most modern diets. A significant reason for this is that people think they lack flavor or aren’t sure how to prepare them. Bacon jam is the answer to that problem. Mix bacon jam with a bit of oil and red pepper flakes, toss broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, or brussels sprouts to coat: and bake at four hundred degrees for twenty to thirty minutes. The resulting greens will be so good that you won’t want to waste a single bite. You can add heat by tossing in a sprinkle of cayenne or hot sauce!

Bacon jam is more than something for just toast or bagels! So pop open a jar and don’t be afraid to try some new twists on your favorite recipes.

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