Why Chartering a Sailboat is a Great Idea for Your Vacation

Sailing is underrated and not enough people regularly engage with this fantastic pastime. There are those who do it casually or hardcore but even more people should engage for the amazing benefits you get when you sail.

If you are planning a vacation in the near future considering making your trip one on a sailboat? If you do then vyra.com can help you with your sailing vacation and here are some great reasons why.

You Can Have Multiple Vacations in One

When you choose a sailing vacation you can have a vacation at sea and one on several land locations. You can choose for example to charter a sailboat on the Mediterranean and spend some of your vacation on the boat sailing its warm and calm waters while viewing some of the most gorgeous coastlines that world have to offer. On other days and nights you can choose to stop at your favorite places that hug the Mediterranean. How about sailing to the South of France and stopping off at some of the most beautiful exotic beaches in the world in Marseilles, Nice and Antibes?

Why Chartering a Sailboat is a great Idea for Your Vacation

You can do some high end shopping here or go to Monaco to play baccarat, or sail to Naples or Genoa and have the most wonderful Italian meals. Spend as many nights as you like in each place and find your favorite destination to visit in the future. And when you are done, sail to the port you want to be your final destination as you complete the most perfect vacation.

You Can Choose the Size of the Sailboat You Want to Charter

When you choose to charter a sailboat you can select a boat that only takes one person to operate or one that takes an entire crew. If you have sailing experience and certification you might want to be your own captain and do the sailing for your guests. If you have no experience operating a sailboat you can hire a crew to do the sailing for you. They will take care of every detail and stay out of your way while you and your guests have your adventure. So you can select the size of the boat and whether you want to be the captain or simply the guest.

Why Chartering a Sailboat is a great Idea for Your Vacation

Sailing is Healthy

The clean crisp air, lack of pollution and constant breeze is great for the circulation and wonderfully healthy. Most sailors live a long life and their time at sea seems to contribute to it.

The Beauty and Majesty of Sailing

When you sail one of the things that immediately hits you is how beautiful it is being out on the water no matter the time of day. During the sunlit hours you can see forever and the beauty of the water, the coastlines, the sea animals including dolphins, and whales, and the other gorgeous vessels you see can be overwhelming. When the sun drops, you can see millions of stars and you feel dwarfed by the majesty of the night time sky.

Why Chartering a Sailboat is a great Idea for Your Vacation

Sailing is a great Time to Bond

When you sail you will de-stress and be without many of the electronic devices that can interrupt your peace of mind. This also makes for a perfect time to do some bonding with your fellow guests and have meaningful conversations. Take this opportunity to talk about things you might have wanted to say for a while. The environment is perfect for deep discussion.

Consider chartering a sailboat for your vacation and you will have an unforgettable time on the high seas.


Image Credits: Unsplash

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