Chasing Wonders in Surigao: Togonan Falls

The town of Mainit is a fourth class municipality situated at the southwestern part of Surigao del Norte Province.  The town got its name from the hot sulfuric spring, Mapaso Hot Spring which flows to the Mainit River. The words “mainit” and “mapaso” literally means “hot”.

Mainit has been among the province’s sought after destination. Silop Lake, Mainit Lake, Dayano Cave, Mapaso Hot Spring and Togonan Falls are among the towns hidden wonders of nature.

It’s been a while since my last hometown visit so I decided to explore something new. I did a bit of research to check some interesting spots near our town, Placer. Togonan Falls in the town of Mainit pops up and so our adventure began.

Togonan Falls

Togonan Falls

This is one of Mainit’s crown jewel. This 90 ft. water fall is ideal for thrill and adventure lovers. This ultimate destination in the town of Mainit is a No Pain No Gain adventure. The location of the waterfall is 6 kilometers from the main road. 6 kilometers of uphill and uneven road. If you go there during the rainy season, expect a muddy and slippery road adventure.

Togonan Falls is developed into a resort by the local government of Mainit. The development really helped a lot as the resort has generate quiet a revenue for the town.

It’s quiet an adventure going there since you need to take a 313 steps stairway. I must say that it’s a No Pain, No Gain activity since you need to brave yourself to conquer the dreaded stairway especially going up.

Amenities and Rates

The resort has two swimming pools. A big one and a smaller one which you can rent exclusively. Below are the rates in the resort.

Entrance Fee

  • Children: 5 years old and below – FREE
  • Children: 6 – 10 years old – Php 15
  • Children: 11 and up – Php 25
  • Senior Citizen – Php 20 (will ask for I.D.)

Cottage Rates

  • Small Table with Umbrella (good for 2 persons) Php 100
  • Table with Umbrella – Php 150
  • Viewing Deck Table – Php 200
  • Large Cottage – Php 1,500
  • Small Pool (if used exclusively)Php 1,500


  • Mono Block Chair – Php 5.00 each

How to get to Togonan Falls

From Cebu City
The best and fastest way to reach the town of Mainit is to fly by plane from Cebu to Surigao City. Travel usually takes 40-45 minutes. Upon reaching Surigao City, the airport is just close to the bus terminal. Take a bus and head to Magpayang. Fare is around P50. From Magpayang, take a habal-habal going to Togonan Falls. Fare is around P40-P50 per person.

From Butuan City
If you’re coming from the city of Butuan, going to the town is Mainit is not so hard. Just go to the integrated bus terminal in Butuan and take the bus going to Surigao City. Have Magpayang as your drop off point, fare is around P90. Upon reaching the baranggay of Magpayang, take a habal-habal going to Togonan Falls

Togonan Falls hasn’t gone mainstream and we are lucky to visit before it happens. Our visit was a quick one but it was one hell of an adventure. A memorable one for me since I was able to spend it with my two kids and my family.

Looking for an adrenaline-pumping adventure in Surigao? Visit the town of Mainit and experience the unrivaled beauty of Togonan Falls.

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