Accommodation in Hobart for Tasmania Fun Seekers

Accommodation Hobart

A visit to Tasmania this period will be ideal if you are looking for a fun adventure away from work and all the stress of being indoors. And who says you can’t take your work with you if possible. From tourist attractions to mouthwatering delicacies and steamy pubs and cafes, you indeed would find all the motivation to inspire your creativity.

Part of the things you need to put to bed before you arrive is where you would lay your head. And for a fun-filled city like Hobart, you can expect to find different accommodation options to pick from. Whatever your budget and extent of the stay, you can certainly see the right place for you to stay. But there are a few things to help you find the ideal spot for fun-seekers.

Planning a Fun Trip to Hobart

When was the last time you saw kangaroos, koalas or had the liberty of trying the real Aussie chicken parmigiana? Not in a long time, probably if you don’t stay in Australia or New Zealand. These are some of the things that you would expect to experience when you visit. And the only way to have an excellent time is to plan for a smooth arrival. You can find here suggestions on planning a vacation.

You should do well to plan your visit around your travel intentions. Need a vacation from work and want to get lost for a few weeks? You would surely have a lot on your to-do list compared to someone driving through town. Also, you may want to customize your stay differently from when visiting with the family for a romantic trip.

You want to start by picking the right travel dates. While locals can swear that there is no particular time to come visiting tourist would argue that the hot months of September and October are the best time to hit the beaches in Hobart. You could try checking the weather and climate conditions in Tasmania if you were visiting any other time.

Accommodation Options in Hobart

Accommodation Hobart

Whatever your lodging preferences are, there is the right one that would suit your needs and budget. From small-sized student apartments to large penthouse suites ideal for business or pleasure are available in many parts of the town. You can find a few comfortable three and four-star hotels in South Hobart, while the city center has most of the popular boutique and luxury hotels.

Want a more secluded vacation? You can take your search towards the dockside where you have the MACq01 Hotel. A five-star luxury option that has all the right features for a relaxing stay. You’d surely fall in love with the location and not to mention all the fun that’s just a few minutes away from your doorsteps. You can click here to learn all about staying in one of the best hotels in Hobart.

But whether you plan a short trip or intend to relocate to Hobart, you can expect to find just the right accommodation. Some of the lodging option that is available for short or extended stay include.


Hotels are the most common option you’ll find in Tasmania, and there is different style option to suit your vacation. Family style apartment hotels with sleeping space for both adults and children with 24 hours’ room service are ideal for family vacations.

They come with a kitchen, pantry, and other indoor amenities for a relaxing stay. Suppose you are coming to Tasmania capital strictly for a business meeting or a convention. In that case, you may want to try many of the business suites available in the four-star hotels you’ll find towards the city center.

Holiday Homes

Another commonly sort after lodging option is the holiday homes and resort accommodation. These are a bit pricey but could be the perfect choice for a romantic getaway or business/pleasure type of affair. You can choose from a variety of beachside homes with beautiful gardens and attractions just a few minutes away. You could also try holiday homes if you are looking for the right lodging for just your family.

Camping and Caravan

More of the outdoor type fun seeker? You can find caravans and camp houses available for hire when you arrive in Hobart. These will be ideal if you plan to explore some of the fantastic wildlife Tasmania has to offer. Go online and search for campervans for hire in Tasmania, and you’ll surely find one to hire on getting here.

Bed and Breakfast

When it comes to the real B&B experience, you can only expect to get the best in Tasmania. Given its rich history, you can only hope to learn a lot living in some of the best bed and breakfast lodgings in Australia.


For a modern style accommodation, you can check some of the find luxury apartments that abound in the city center. There are self-contained options that feature all the standard amenities you need in a home. They could work for a couple or family vacation. Just make sure to book ahead to shed some of the expenses if you plan on an extended stay.

Finding your Accommodation when you Arrive

You could try looking for an airport pickup service the moment you arrive and get discharged at your hotel entrance. It’s as simple as that. You can also find car hire services with various mobile options to help you move around when you land. The GPS real-time positioning could help you locate your accommodation if you are ready for the adventure right away.

Unless you are spending a short time on business, you may not be interested in much fanfare. If you are around for a week plus, you may want to catch enough rest first. Once you have gotten rid of the jet lag, you can now set out to explore all that Hobart has. They are many adventure spots that would be perfect for couples, lovers, and the entire family.

Final Note

You can expect to enjoy the perfect Australian getaway with a visit to Hobart. And if you are coming any time soon, you surely want to find the right place to rest.

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