3 Clever Ways in Writing Timeless Blog Posts

Making blog posts is a great thing – more and more people are getting interested in this field because of the benefits it gives to the author. It’s even better to write blog posts that are timeless. That catch is, the contents must be rich and you must have a clear understanding about the goals you incorporate with your blog posts. It doesn’t only contribute to quality internet traffic but it gives people more information about the things you discuss in a certain field of interest. Writing about news won’t really make your blog posts valuable and timeless. You have to make something that people will find valuable and entertaining at the same time. This will keep people on going back and sharing it with others.

While more and more people are getting interested about your contents, the more inbound links will be generated over time. In the SEO field, it’s a crucial matter that must be understood and managed over time.

Here are some of the things that you can do to make your blog posts timeless.

Less News, More Interesting Stories

Less News, More Interesting Stories

It is a fact that many people are very interested about the current events, but it does not guarantee a timeless blog. Why? Because it has a very short lifespan – it will be only interesting for today. Well, you can spin stories and add more flavors in your story but it won’t change anything about its lifespan. After a week of two, your news will become less interesting because of new interesting stories that happen every day. How can you find interesting stories?

Of course, you have to make some research and decide whether it will be interesting for other people to. Let others read it and know about their reactions regarding your story. It’s really good to write something that will somehow touch people’s lives, interests, and even emotions. A moving content will definitely be shared by readers to other people – thus, creating traffic for your blog posts.

Share Your Insights

Share Your Insights

If you have an experience about a certain field of study and you have seen a lot of changes in it – having a valuable insight that you can share with others, and then write about it. Your expertise at a certain field is a timeless piece of craft – plus, it improves over time. Thus, more people will be very interested about your blog posts since it offers new things that can also help them in their own business. It will be used over time and bookmarked by people.

Writing about “How to”

Writing about “How to”

The web is a huge data source that are used by many to know more about a certain field – the what, when, where, and the “how to”. You can use it as an advantage by writing blog posts about tips about a certain industry. It will not only become timeless, but it will also help thousands of people who are struggling in a field of study. Most industry tips are very useful even after years of posting it online. Most of the time, we often read a “how to” blog post that’s written years ago and still find it very useful. This is how this thing works – you have to offer them some help in a certain field of study that you have an experience and mastered for years. Thus, it creates a very powerful SEO that will provide citations and links back to you.

You have to bear in mind that it will all depend on your goals. Make sure you understand everything you want to apply – whether you’re targeting a B2B or B2C business, which will allow you to incorporate strategies in your blog posting. That way, you will be able to attract visitors not only today, but the next 10 years. Successful blogs have one thing in common – timeless blog posts. Once you have made something that people value a lot, you can be sure about the success of your blog. Consistency is also the key – you don’t want to create something that doesn’t make any sense. The best thing you can do is to make your blog posts valuable – creating unique and interesting contents.

By making your blog posts timeless, being bookmarked and receiving monthly subscriptions isn’t impossible. In addition, your contents will be more visible on the web as you progress in page ranking systems. Now, you can monetize everything and make your blogging goals materialize (you might even have the luxury of having a little break from time to time).


Herbert Kikoy

Surigaonon by birth, Butuanon by heart and now an adopted son of Cebu, Herbert is a hobbyist photographer who focuses on Food, Sports, Travel and Festivals photography.

3 thoughts on “3 Clever Ways in Writing Timeless Blog Posts

  1. Truly, writing how-to posts is timeless. People who could see those will always go back since they need their guidance. Not only that but others could always relate to stories especially if they are shared from the bottom of the writer’s heart. Nevertheless, it’ll always be judged by people out there. However, I always appreciate those posts that could connect with me and vice versa. 🙂

  2. There are plenty of topics that can be written and made timeless. It does take effort though. Usually posts that talk about tips and experiences are timeless because they can always be applied and appreciated. These are what I see that can be timeless.

  3. I find this article to be really helpfull. When I struggle to find what to talk about I tend to forget about the views and talk about something that I love and usually that works really well. Finding our crowd, I’m I right? 🙂

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