Why On Earth Do You Blog?

A couple of years ago, the word blogging is insanely a very strange word to me. I can still recall my fellow pc gamers used to brag about something they have done over at Blogspot and Tripod. They keep on telling us to visit their website and check the exciting stuff they’ve got. Having this very curious attitude, I took a peek on their so-called websites and from that day on, I am hooked up with blogging.

Anyway, I started blogging when one of my classmate made an account at Blogspot and constantly posting all the useless and non-sense things we do. Almost every day, he never failed to have an entry to his so-called blog. Since then, I got envy and out of curiosity I made my very own. Though I don’t have any single idea what to do with it, that didn’t stopped me from pursuing my intention of having a blog identical to my classmate. As days gone by, updates on my classmate’s blog poured while mine is as barren as the Sahara desert (#hugot). I can still recall that it only got a title header with my name on it. That was really a lousy move on my part being so envy with my diligent classmate.

At a certain point, I tried asking my classmate how did he do it and how blogging really works. Lucky for me, he spent a bit of his time sharing and teaching me how that thing works. After that, my blogging adventures and misadventures as well began. Since I started to write something on my blog, I came across with different people who share the same passion as me. I got the chance of conversing and exchanged thoughts with them and really learned a lot. There was one time when someone asked me “Why Do You Blog?”, I never had any answer for his question but as I constantly writing my day to day experiences, I then realize that I blog not only to share my boring day to day routine instead share valuable insights and resources.  


Why on Earth Do You Blog?

I got the chance to ask my fellow HIBSters, a group of dynamic and talented Cebuano bloggers the same question “Why Do You Blog?” that person used to ask me few years back. I am very surprised of their responses, check them out.

I blog to prove to everyone that you can be a successful Cebuano blogger using the language close to home, Binisaya. While majority of the bloggers in the Philippines prefer English mainly because it’s easier to earn and expand their audience, I am a big believer that the Bisaya community around the globe long to read and hear words close to home.

The next big thing is hyperlocalization which invites writers around the world to write using their local tongue but it can be understood by people who don’t speak the language through automated translation. Google and other tech companies are already taking bold steps to make this a reality.

More than anything else, I blog because I want to showcase the Bisaya Arts and Culture to people around the globe, especially those Bisaya out there who wish to virtually come home.

Rome Nicolas / Basta Bisaya

I blog to inspire parents (and non-parents!) to bring their kids outdoors. And also because it’s an income-generating hobby

Pam Baroro / Hey Mis(s)Adventures

Blogging allows me to pursue my passion which is writing stories. I could use any medium, but through blogging, I can satisfy my creative yearnings, and at the same time, connect with other people online who share the same passion as mine.

Also, I like to think that I have something to call ‘my own’ in this world.

Johanna Marie Frejoles / Bean In Transit

1. To document my life
I love the idea that I have a collection of my memories in the cloud that I can browse/read when I get old. With all the wonderful things happening in my life, I’m afraid my head will be so FULL someday and might forget these.

2. To share and inspire
I want to help and inspire people with my experiences/thoughts through my write ups. To convey a message to everybody that words are such a powerful tool – it can numb one’s body; it can move mountains

3. To improve my writing skills
I didn’t love writing before because I just didn’t know how to express what I wanted to share. But, I believe practice makes perfect so I choose to write habitually which I am doing now. I am not that good as of now but I know I will get better eventually.

4. Part of my New Year’s Resolution is to avoid procastination as possible, so why not blog?

Emelie Diamante Anggoy / Emelie Empire

I blog to improve myself. Improve my self in communicating to others. To improve my english and to boost my self-confidence..

Jomar Lipon / Laagan Ko

To record memories or events. It is like a virtual public diary for me.

Sean Soliven / His Hidden Letters

Carlo Andrew Olano To promote the things and activities that matter to me.

Carlo Andrew Olano / Kalami Cebu

I blog to share the things that Im passionate about to the world. Over time, it has become my medium to boost my writing proficiency as well as my ability to think more clearly

Israel Sato / I Am The Movie Junkie

Every person has it own distinct trait and character which made us unique individuals. Though we share one common goal but we have different passion in life. Some like the things you love but others don’t. There are things that you don’t find pleasing but others find it fascinating.


This may seem to be a very simple question but I think everyone has their unique reason how they’ve started and an amazing reason of why they are still blogging and sharing until now. This will not take so much of your time to share yours.

Again, Why Do You Blog? Feel free to share your thoughts on the comments below.

Herbert Kikoy

Surigaonon by birth, Butuanon by heart and now an adopted son of Cebu, Herbert is a hobbyist photographer who focuses on Food, Sports, Travel and Festivals photography.

26 thoughts on “Why On Earth Do You Blog?

  1. Yes, most people blog because it is what they’re passionate about. Advocacies, as the reason on why people blog, never die.

    By the way, can you please edit my full name to “Rome Nicolas” instead? Thanks! 😀

  2. I think Rome has the best answer here. I mean he didn’t say the usual reasons such as wanting to earn from blogging, or blogging to share experiences, or blogging just to have an online diary. I like that he provided a different perspective when it comes to blogging.

  3. When I started with photography, and got good comments on of the very old photo sharing platform, a thought just crossed my mind that I should have something of m y own to showcase and share whatever little bit of photography knowledge I had. For the longest of time my blog was doing good and suddenly something unexpected happened. Google changed i’ts algorithm and organic visitors were lost and lot of things happened until about 4 years back I started ignoring my blog. But suddenly a few days back I though of reviving it. So I transferred my content from Blogger to WordPress and re-booted the journey. Lets see where it goes.

  4. Mine started out as a project for a class back in college. Although, I have been lurking around for a while before that. MQ started in 2013 and took the serious blogging path just last 2015. But I have been using Tumblr since 2008-2009 and with Multiply (which eventually died) since it became popular!

  5. I owe a lot to blogging. It has become a medium for me to channel my writing skill which I want to improve. Blogging has saved me from post-partum depression and I can’t imagine how my motherhood journey would be without blogging. It awakens my hidden passion and I just can’t believe that I have done things which I thought I couldn’t. Corny kaayo paminawon bai, pero nakalingkawas jud ko sa impyerno nga ako ray gahimo. 😉

  6. I also wanted to try blogging. But since I was too intimidated with blogspot and wordpress, I blogged only in Multiply which has become an online marketplace and eventually it shut down. Gone are my posts and photos. I still had that insatiable desire to try it out. So I convinced my partner to try it with me. A lot of people has been asking us where we ate at or where we went at. So yes, our blog was born out of pursuing our passion which is food and travel to be able to help out others who needs necessary information.

  7. I blog because it’s my way of expressing myself and proceesing my thoughts, emotions and experiences. I blog to document moments. I blog to inspire and help people. 🙂 I simply love to write.

  8. My blogging has come about from a personal aspect. It grew and evolved into a lifestyle blog. I love blogging so much. Despite a busy work schedule and family life I try to find as much time as possible to write.

  9. I started in Blogpost too and jejemon pa kaayo kog mga posts sauna hahaha.

    Thanks for including me on the list!

  10. I blog because writing is my passion. I write what I love, like, and enjoy. But most of my blog entries are about my boys. I would love them to discover my blog when I am too old or gone already and read how much I am proud of them.

  11. Great idea for a blog post and it’s nice to see examples of why some other people blog as well. Personally, I started blogging initially just to get into the habit of writing again…and now it has become a passion to share this beautiful world of ours with others as I explore it and encourage all people to do so as well 🙂

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