What You Should Do Before Redesigning Your Website

The only thing that is constant is change. This is more evident than ever in the digital world, where the trend this year might be obsolete by next year. Businesses need to constantly improve and upgrade their websites to keep up with the competition.

When the time comes that you get an urge to make over your website, do these first before the actual redesign:

Begin with the end in mind

Clearly state your objective and the result you’d like to accomplish with your new website. Though you would want to attract new visitors, you still need to think of your existing customers and how they’d react to your new site. Will it appeal to them? Will using the new site give them an overall better experience?

Backup important pages and content

Some of your links and web pages may already be producing a great deal of traffic and you wouldn’t want to lose these when you change to the new site. Plan how you can preserve and migrate these to the new website. It’s best consult with web design and technical experts who can advise you of the easiest way to do this.

Add new features and upgrades

What new features and options would you like to include? If you’re selling products, for example, you might want to include multi-view options which allow customers to feel as if they’re actually holding the product and viewing it from different angles. Utilize the latest technology and software to improve your website’s usability and speed. Most importantly, since most of your customers will likely use their phones to search online, getting a mobile-ready site will improve your ranking in major search engines.

Create new content

This is your chance to revise any content you don’t like on your old site. Assess the content on all your pages and change any that are no longer applicable or do not contribute to your site. Additionally, you’ll need to research on new keywords to include in your new pages. When creating new content, don’t forget its primary purpose which is to promote your products and services and build your credibility.

Get the services of an excellent web design company

A skilled and talented web design company can help you plan your new design based on your goals and implement the changes and improvements quickly and easily. They are already equipped with the tools, templates and programs you need so you won’t have to worry about the execution of the redesign.

On a final note, try not to overwhelm your customers with too many images and features, or it will make your site look cluttered and off-putting. Your website should be easy on the eyes and easy to navigate. Follow the steps we discussed before redesigning your old website and you’re on your way to a new and improved website and a better experience for your customers.

Herbert Kikoy

Surigaonon by birth, Butuanon by heart and now an adopted son of Cebu, Herbert is a hobbyist photographer who focuses on Food, Sports, Travel and Festivals photography.