Christmas Spirit Set Ablaze

The child in me melted to a hundred different pieces as I saw the ceiling-high christmas tree prepared for everyone to see at the Waterfront Hotel and Casino lobby. For us Filipinos, it is never really Christmas until a tree is put up in each of our homes.

The night was a Christmas Wonderland with cupcakes and pastries as well as wines crafted especially for the season. Instead of gift boxes, under the red and green ornamented Christmas tree was an equally grand merry-go-round which was all-in-all fit for a fairy tale-like Christmas.

The 5-star restaurant certainly didn’t disappoint as special guests and spectators were wow-ed through a series of performances by award winning talents in the local scene. From singing, to ballet dancing, to a showcase of characters from Alice in Wonderland’s fairy tale story, the annual Christmas lighting ceremony certainly brought the Christmas spirit to everyone present. 

It was certainly a feast for the eyes of bright and pretty lights. A perfect Christmas fairy tale! But the lights that shined the brightest were those of the stars of the show: the kids from Kapwa mo, Mahal ko Foundation Cebu. They say Christmas are for kids, because they see the joy of it all as they live their innocent and carefree lives. Yet I hope that for these kids, though they are suffering from their diseases, they still see the essence of it all. I hope they still feel the Christmas spirit that kids deserve in their entire childhood life. 

Oh, and aside from the Christmas Wonderland lighting ceremony of its Christmas tree, Waterfront has brought to life a Christmas village for everyone to enjoy as well! Forget the miniature Christmas towns! Pick something your own size. *winks 

Stay super, trooper!


Stacey Marie Baladya