Tasty and Frugal Tips for Having a Picnic

Do you actually remember when you last rolled on the greens and basked outdoors? Most don’t, because some kids rather play on virtual farmlands while parents busy themselves with online media. So you may want to try and unplug from the Internet on your next weekend. Let your kids experience the fun of bird-watching and outdoor play in the real world, just like the old times

Don’t be discouraged with the thought of organizing a picnic, it’s actually very easy and costs nothing. Pack these tips inside your picnic basket on your next family weekend.

Save Money


Going on a picnic is the most budget-friendly and frugal family activity: there’s no need to stress your budget at all.

Here are a few money-saving basics of a good picnic:

  • Picnic grounds may have diners or vendors selling food but you can save a lot and enjoy this traditional family experience if you prepare the picnic basket by yourself.
  • Be ready with a cooler to avoid having to buy bottled drinks.
  • No need to prepare anything fancy and expensive: Remember to keep it fun and simple, opt for food that does not require utensils so cleaning up won’t be stressful to anyone.

Picnic Basket



Preparing food for your family picnic can turn into real fun. This ensures your family gets good nutritious and clean food as well. Get everyone involved and ask what food they want to eat and bring aboard their suggestions.

Sandwiches and chips are always easy to prepare and eat. Here are few awesome ideas for your picnic sandwiches:

You may need to add more items depending on how long you intend to stay outdoors. Your family will be delighted with a surprise dessert in between activities too.

Get Everyone on It


Depending on your schedule, plan your picnic at least a week ahead. Stick a note on the fridge, mark the calendars, and get everyone excited.

This will actually help your kids to behave well come picnic day, they wouldn’t want to spoil a day they’ve been anticipating for days would they? For adults, this allows for ample time to plan activities and the picnic basket.

Find a Good Venue to Picnic


Some place that is not too far but not too near your home. This will be just right to excite the kids but not tire them. Pick a venue where there is good security, activities for kids and adults, and reliable facilities like toilets and parking space.

Prepare Games and Activities


Avoid being asked “So what are we going to do next?” and having a boring weekend picnic. Plan activities like biking, kite-flying, frisbee, and photography.

You can even get your kids to create their own kites days before the picnic or decide on a photography theme say nature or animals, and take turns in using the camera. Another good option would be to indulge them to play classic games like solitaire or perhaps board games. These are just some things you and your family can enjoy but some picnic areas offer attractions such as boating and fishing if you are too busy to prepare for games.

Just be sure that these activities are available so you don’t end up setting picnic just to eat. Distribute the itinerary a day or two before your trip so everyone knows what to expect.

Get your “Me” Time


You have to enjoy this picnic too! It’s not just about your kids and spouse, make this time a good opportunity to clear your mind and relax. While everyone is busy playing, you can always excuse yourself for a quiet time by a nice view of the park. Read a book or that magazine you cannot find time to browse.

Take photographs of your kids or catch up with your spouse. No matter what you choose to do, just make sure to enjoy this time like everyone else. You’ll realize that family picnics are genuinely fun, memorable, and worthwhile.

Herbert Kikoy

Surigaonon by birth, Butuanon by heart and now an adopted son of Cebu, Herbert is a hobbyist photographer who focuses on Food, Sports, Travel and Festivals photography.