5 Easy Tips To Capture Action Shots Using Our Mobile Phones

Any sports fanatics would want to capture the highlights of their favorite teams. However, with all the big actions on the game and the wild crowd going crazy, this can be a challenge, especially if you’re only equipped with a mobile phone. Here are some essential and very easy tricks that will help you out with shooting action sports. Now, put your game face on and aim to shoot all those crazy movements pro-style.

Lights! More is Better


Not blindingly bright, but find a spot wherein there is just enough lighting to capture a crisp focused image of your precious player in action without the risk of blur. Remember that your phone’s shutter speed may be determined by the background’s illumination thereby playing a role in the focus of your image.

Make Use of the Burst Mode

Burst Mode

Our phone’s burst mode is prompted not only to capture movements but also to objectively get a clear shot with just the right composition as it takes a sequence of photos in a number of seconds. You can select your best photos of the game once the quick burst ends.

Pan  Your Camera

Mobile Photography Tips

You can’t always anticipate your team’s next move, it’s the part of the game that makes it exciting and it will surely dare you to capture it. So how? Great for you that the most of the smartphones can now pan from corner to corner of the court as it takes photos in a nonstop manner. You just need your camera to follow your subject.

Limit on Auto-Focus


So during halftime, you saw this cutie standing still in the cheering crowd and you decided that you want to photograph her as well. Auto-focus is not your friend in this kind of situation but you can focus on her in your screen and tap on her image as you want her to be highly focused, aim and shoot. Not only will you get a clear photo of her but also the effect of motion and blur of the crowd.

High Dynamic Range


There are details that Auto-mode could omit that’s why most smartphone developers created HDR mode to heighten dynamic range by joining bright, normal and dark exposures. Work on your HDR settings to help you get the best shot possible.

With these tricks and some practice, you’re on your way to shooting the best of your sports mobile photography.

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Herbert Kikoy

Surigaonon by birth, Butuanon by heart and now an adopted son of Cebu, Herbert is a hobbyist photographer who focuses on Food, Sports, Travel and Festivals photography.