The Spicy Cuisine of Bicol

Bicol is well known of cooking foods with “gata” or coconut cream and lots of chili, which marked their region with genuine Asian cuisine. Chili or the “Sili” and coconut cream when mixed together results in a very appetizing taste that goes best with hot steaming white rice and do not ever forget to keep lots of water handy to cool down the spicy and burning taste in your tongue.

The world-famous Laing or Pinangat for Bicolanos, is a very delicious Bicolano dish made with bundles of taro leaves cooked in coconut cream and chilies (lots and lots of chilies). Almost all the main dishes from Bicol are gata and chili-based especially their way of cooking vegetables. Everything from jackfruit, banana blossom or any edible plant the come across, Bicolanos can transform it from a simple plant to a very delicious dish topped with lots of chilies.

Bicol express is one of the favorites not only in Bicol but all over the Philippines. This is their classic dish that Bicolanos are well known for. Bicol express is a mixture of pork meat and shrimp paste (bagoong) cooked in coconut cream, of course.

Kinunot is an exotic food made up of pagi or stingray meat and malunggay. Just like any other dishes in Bicol, the main ingredients are cooked in coconut cream and many chilies along with other vegetables and herbs.

The Food Diary

I am pure-blooded Pinoy food enthusiast who happen to be an aficionado for good food and great experiences.