Of Lights and Shadows: Sinulog 2017 in Mono

Last updated on October 10th, 2022 at 04:23 pm

Held every January, Sinulog, the annual cultural and religious festival continue to evolve over the past years. And for photographers, it’s the ultimate arena for wits, creativity, and hard-work.

The Sinulog Festival is a good venue to hone and sharpen the skills of those who are into photography. Photography enthusiasts from different genres come together for one common goal, to learn and of course, experience the festival craze.  With its month-long activities, it is the ideal time for photography enthusiasts to capture diversified range of subjects.

This is also the season of photography contests. Aside from the Sinulog Photo Contest itself, which most photographers are vying for, other businesses are joining the craze and hold related contests for themselves.  It’s an opportunity for us who are into mobile photography because most of these contests don’t require much and some have even made their contests just for mobile photographers only.

Gone Mobile for Sinulog 2017

It has been an exciting time for mobile photography. Emerging mobile phones are packed with cameras which have the capabilities of the digital cameras. Though it can’t be compared conventional ones in terms of output and quality but it’s surely way better than the old ones.

Here are my personal picks for smartphones with a good camera system.

  1. Zenfone lineup (Zoom, Zen 3)
  2. Huawei P9, P9+
  3. iPhone
  4. Sony Xperia
  5. LG G5

Since there are Sinulog photo contests made specifically for smartphone users, I decided to set aside my good ol’ Canon DSLR and use my ever reliable Zenfone Zoom.

Sinulog in Mono

I always find it fascinating looking at photographs in monochrome. The shades of white and black, the play of light and shadows of every photograph tells a lot of stories. Timeless, elegance and versatility is what best describes black and white photographs. Though the Sinulog Festival is a parade of vibrant colors, seeing them in mono brings a whole new experience. Here’s our take on Black & White Photography for this year’s Sinulog Festival.

Sinulog 2017

Sinulog 2017

Sinulog 2017

Sinulog 2017

Sinulog 2017

Sinulog 2017

Final Thoughts

Black and White or Color? Which do you prefer? What do you like about your preference? Have you experimented much with Black and White with your mobile photographs? Interested to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


This post is part of Drift Stories’ #GoingMobile project.
All photos are captured with an Asus Zenfone Zoom.

Herbert Kikoy

Surigaonon by birth, Butuanon by heart and now an adopted son of Cebu, Herbert is a hobbyist photographer who focuses on Food, Sports, Travel and Festivals photography.

11 thoughts on “Of Lights and Shadows: Sinulog 2017 in Mono

  1. I use a Huawei.9 something phone .It was a gift from husband. Many commend its impressive phone features. Sadly on my part, I am too lazy to check on how I could use this phone’s features to my advantage. I should really find.time.

    I love the effect of the black and white photos. The pictures appear so vibrant despite the lack of color. You really have an eye for beauty.

    1. Thank you for the kind words Berlin. The Huawei P9 is one bad-a$$ camera phone. Just find time to explore its capabilities. Perhaps take a stroll on your neighborhood and use it.

  2. I appreciate monochromatic photographs even for a festive event such as the Sinulog. But I must admit I’d really enjoy seeing the parades and banderitas or even the street dancers in color 🙂 Still, I must say your photos are well captured!

  3. I have tried the black and white but I guess I need to work more of it. I have a friend who is practicing the monochrome shot thingy and I can say that he is slowly getting the quality I have been trying to work on. I have two preferences but colored one is more appealing to me. ^_^ Also, your shots are awesome!

  4. I really wanna see Sinulog too. But I rarely love being within crowds. I usually run the opposite direction. Maybe someday, I’ll find the courage to brave the crowds and enjoy the street party. I think Sinulog is one of the best in the Philippines

  5. Those are beautiful pictures. There’s is depth and the angle is perfect. I wish I could shot photos as great as yours. I am using LG G5.

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