Santiago Bay Garden & Resort with Traveloka

In this modern time, there are a lot of options for us to choose when we want to check the whereabouts of a certain place, travel diaries and blogs are the best of resources for this information. Social media is also a good avenue to get information of a certain place. The rising popularity of travel apps is also a good means to check for reviews and feedback and it also allows us to choose the best option for our travel needs.

I came across with the commonly used apps but I find convenience with using Traveloka during two of my recent escapade, the recent one was at the Island of Camotes.

Santiago Bay Garden & Resort

Santiago Bay Garden Resort is an island resort noted as one of the best  beach resort in the island of Camotes. The resort overlooks the long shoreline of Santiago Bay and one is one of the best place to get a glimpse of sunrise and sunset in the island.

Santiago Bay Garden & Resort

Getting to Santiago Bay Garden & Resort

Upon reaching the port of Consuelo, the means of transportation is either thru a motorcycle or jeep. Multicabs are the most preferred trasportation, you can hire them easily at Php 50 per passenger.

Santiago Bay Garden & Resort with Traveloka

Tip: This multi-cabs offers island tours, just haggle a bit to get the best price. The resort has no transport service, make sure to ask and book your ride back to Consuelo Port on your check out date.


Santiago Bay Garden & Resort offers a wide array of accommodation that suits your budget. The resort has 51 rooms available with various amenities. The rooms are spacious and perfect for a family and on top of that, all of the rooms has a perfect view of the Santiago Bay.

Room Type Good for Rates
Standard Non-aircon 2 p 1,000
Standard Aircon 2 p 1,500
Ocean View 2 p 1,700
Ocean View Family 4 p 2,800
Beach View 2 p 2,600
Bay View Family 4 p 2,800
Villa Standard 3 p 2,500
Bungalow 3 p 3,000
Villa Family 5 p 5,000

Excess person rate for non-aircon room is P200 and P300 for standard aircon rooms.

Resort Facilities & Amenities

Swimming Pools

The resort has two infinity swimming pools, both having great views of Santiago Bay. The original infinity pools which is in front of the Ocean View rooms has a good view of the Santiago Bay shorelines. The newer infinity pool on the other hand allows you to have a view of the Camotes Sea.

Walkways & Gardens

All throughout the resort you will find beautiful gardens with such stunning landscape. If you’re a selfie addict, you will surely have a lot of good backgrounds to do your selfie thing. For photography enthusiasts, this is also a good place to take stunning nature photos.

Aqua Sports

If you’re in for an adrenaline pumping activity, you can arrange your adventure with the resort. You can do an island tour or go banana boat riding, kayaking and snorkeling.

Santiago Bay Garden & Resort with Traveloka

Dining Options

The resort has a restaurant that offers not just good food but a breathtaking view of the beach. It is open from 8 AM to 9 PM. If you’re a coffee lover, treat yourself at the affordabe Cafe Tiago.

Souvenir Shop

From bracelets, refrigerator magnets and keychains to novelty shirts the resort’s  souvenir shop is the right place to visit and find memorabilla.

Santiago Bay Garden & Resort with Traveloka

Overall, Santiago Bay Garden & Resort is a fantastic place for a getaway adventure. The place is very clean and the staff are super friendly.

For more information, you can check out their website or thru their contact details below.

Landline: (032) 345.8599 / (032) 344.6899 / (032) 420.3385
Mobile: (+63) 917.3292448
Office Address: A.C. Cortes Street, Cambaro, Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines

Getting To Camotes Island

The most recommended means of transportation in going to the island of Camotes is through the sea since there is still no available airport in the island. Most of those who travel to Camotes Island take the the Danao – Consuelo route (thru Jomalia Shipping Lines), though there are options available but this is the most affordable. See trip schedule below.

Danao – Consuelo (Departure)
05:30 am – daily (roro)
07:00 am – daily (express)
08:30 am – daily(roro)
12:00 nn – daily (express)
02:30 pm – daily (roro)
05:30 pm – daily (roro)
09:00 pm – every fri/sat/sun (express)
Consuelo – Danao (Departure)
04:30 am – every sat/sun/mon (express)
05:30 am – daily (roro)
08:30 am – daily (roro)
10:00 am – daily (express)
01:00 pm – daily (roro)
03:00 pm – daily (express)
05:30 pm – daily (roro)
Economy (EXPRESS) 200 100 160 170
Aircon(EXPRESS) 220 110 175 190
Economy(RORO) 180 90 145 150
Aircon(RORO) 200 100 160 170

Booking Thru Traveloka

I have tried several travel apps but the Traveloka App is by far the most comprehensive and user-friendly application. Booking has never been this easy and fast. To check my booking process at Santiago Bay Garden & Resort using Traveloka, I created a separate article so you guys will know how effortless the process is.

Bon Voyage!


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